Let Go of Worry Part – 1

Matthew 6:32 ——– For your heavenly Father knows that you need all these things.

Like any good parent, God would never give us what He knows would harm us. His intent is to help us develop Christ likeness so that we become salt and light in the world .God does not want us to see Him as a heavenly source of mere material possessions. Acquiring things is not the fundamental goal of this life.

God is concerned with every part of our being: spirit, soul, and body. As the facets of His character are infinite, so the ways God provides for us are beyond anything we can ask or imagine. We can trust His goodness, guidance, and shepherding care to do more for us than we could ever achieve on our own.

If we do not have a strong relationship with God we have reason to worry because we will not understand His character. But when we know His nature through the Word we have nothing to worry about because we know that God knows about our every need.

God provides a way for us to develop an intimate, conversational, obedient relationship with Him so that we can lead ourselves and others into a “Psalm 23” quality of life. Those whose shepherd is the Lord can say, “I lack nothing” (Psalm 23). We can only have this confidence if we build up our relationship with God.

Matthew 6:33 ——  But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.

We are to seek the things of God as a priority over the things of the world. Primarily, it means we are to seek the salvation that is inherent in the kingdom of God because it is of greater value than all the world’s riches. Does this mean that we should neglect the reasonable and daily duties that help sustain our lives? Certainly not.

But for the Christian, there should be a difference in attitude toward them. If we are taking care of God’s business as a priority—seeking His salvation, living in obedience to Him, and sharing the good news of the kingdom with others—then He will take care of our business as He promised—and if that’s the arrangement, where is the need to worry?

But how do we know if we’re truly seeking God’s kingdom first? There are questions we can ask ourselves. “Where do I primarily spend my energies? Is all my time and money spent on goods and activities that will certainly perish, or in the services of God—the results of which live on for eternity?” When we have learned to truly put God first then we may rest in this holy dynamic: “…and all these things shall be added to you ………”
Don’t ask God to guide your steps if you’re not willing to move your feet. 

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