A sister Healed of Cancer (All Glory to God)

Praise Jesus!! What a wonderful and marvellous God we serve!!

My mother had been complaining of stomach pain and also suffered constipation for quite some time. We would visit the doctor regularly and get her normal medicines and that gave her temporary relief. Off late she started complaining of severe stomach pain just before passing stools and would only get relief once she was out of the toilet. When my dad joined us this Jan’2016, we decided to take her to doctor once again

The Pattern that God had arranged for us:

My husband thought of calling his school friend as he had not heard from him for a long time and who is also touched by the Lord. As they were speaking his friend inquired about my mum and her health. My husband told him that she was well only she was complaining of some stomach pain and was suffering from constipation. For that he insisted we should take her to the doctor. So that evening we went to the same doctor who we normally visit but Praise JESUS on that day that doctor was not available at the clinic. We were referred to another doctor who after we mentioned about mum’s stomach pain and constipation advised us immediately to see a Lady doctor as he thought it would be related to fissure.

The same evening we visited that Lady doctor. This lady doctor turned out to be an anointed doctor and we discovered that she loved to hear the word of God (she listens to preaching on her laptop) during her clinic timings and this really surprised us. She advised us to do blood test, urine & stool test. During our visits we would share the word of God and also mentioned to her to listen to JCILM on brother Johnson’s preaching and also shared with her our life testimony and how we were saved.


Two days later, this doctor suggested that my mum do a sonography and colonoscopy. As my mum was not covered by any insurance here in Dubai, we were hesitating as the test was quite expensive. Even after taking an appointment for her colonoscopy, we called the lady doctor(Dr. Jessy) to check if the tests were really important and she said just do it please.

At the first attempt Mum could not undergo the colonoscopy, as the medicines given to her for cleaning her bowels did not work on her. Even after drinking so much of water and having motion medicine, she could not pass stools. So we called the doctor and took another appointment. The second attempt was successful and her bowels were cleaned and she underwent the colonoscopy test.

The doctor who did her colonoscopy called my husband and me in and told us that they found a growth in her intestines which was obstructing her food from being digested and therefore passing stools was a problem. He told us that she had colon cancer. Now that word cancer itself is so depressing that I started crying while my husband remained calm and told me if that I have seen you coming out from the death bed, this is nothing. The doctor said that he would send the block for biopsy to Mumbai. I was totally shattered and was wondering on what will be the next step. We did not tell my parents anything and just mentioned that it was a growth and had to be removed at the earliest.


Now that day happened to be Brother Johnson’s retreat day (16th Jan’2016) and I was hesitating to go, but my husband told me to stay calm and attend the retreat.  We attended the retreat and during the whole retreat praised God. Brother’s teaching was on Psalm 97:5 (Mountains melt like wax in the presence of the Lord). We started meditating on this scripture. After the meeting, we briefed brother Johnson  about the situation before he could go for counselling and by evening we got a chance to talk to brother and he made a prayer with my Mum. As usual we started praying to the Lord that the biopsy report should be negative and all should be well for my mum. My mother who normally would not pray starting praising and thanking Jesus so that all would be well.


Next day while reading the bible (we did the bible plan), I was reading John Chapter 11 and my eyes caught this verse which I kept meditating on from that day onwards along with Psalm 97:5 which is John Chapter 11 vs 4 where Jesus tells Lazarus sister that “This sickness is not unto death but for the glory of God, so that the son of God maybe glorified”. I kept meditating this scripture day & night, also Isaiah 53:5 “You were pierced for our transgressions, crushed for our iniquities, the punishment that bought us peace was upon you and by your wounds we are all healed. My husband was meditating on Jeremiah 17:14  & 1 Corinthians 2 vs 9


We were waiting for the biopsy report which we received by the 23rd of Jan’2016 and it confirmed that it was Stage I – Colon Cancer. We met our lady doctor (Dr. Jessy) and she told us not to worry but to have faith in God and she also referred us to a doctor in Mumbai who happened to be her batch mate and gave us her number. We tried calling her to fix an appointment but no one answered our call. Apparently this was the wrong number. After two days, we received a call with the doctor’s correct number and called her up. She asked us to send all reports. This doctor is one of the top surgeons in Mumbai. We prayed Isaiah 61:1 before talking to her, she answered our call and was very receptive. She asked us come to Mumbai immediately with mum.

We booked our tickets for 28th of Jan’2016 and whilst preparing to travel, our doctor here mentioned that we should not go without the biopsy sample as we will not be able to go ahead with the surgery. On 27th Jan morning, my husband went to the Clinic (where the colonoscopy was done) for the sample collection but they mentioned that we would get it only after one week. We were pressurized as we had already booked our tickets, put in our leave at our work place.(To get leave also was a test as we work in the same organization though in different departments). My husband told me to cancel our tickets as our leave would be wasted. We kept praying and asked God to help us. We once again requested the clinic to support us in getting us the sample. Luckily after coordinating, we got to know that the sample was still in Mumbai and we could arrange for the collection if the clinic could give us an authorization letter. In a normal practice this is not possible as they only share results with the source (clinic) who requests for the tests. My Husband and I love the scripture Isaiah 61:1 because it always changes results in our favor. So finally we got the sample collected through my in-laws in India on 28th Jan morning just before flying to Mumbai.

We met the Doctor on 29th Jan’2016 and she requested to check mum to see if they could conduct the surgery depending on her health. She gave a nod and asked us to immediately leave for Pune and admit mum there as she was based in Pune. (She suggested Pune as the cost was half than what we would have paid in Mumbai) That same evening we all left for Pune and admitted mum in Poona Hospital. My cousin sister sacrificed being away from the children and out of the blue, volunteered to help and accompanied us to Pune even though at first we insisted that we would not need her and could manage ourselves. We kept meditating on our scriptures (John 11:4, Psalm 97:5 & Isaiah 53:5)  As my daughter could not adjust in Pune, my husband dropped me and my daughter back to Mumbai and returned back to Pune and my cousin stayed with my mum which was a big help to us being away from home.

The operation was scheduled for 1st of Feb’2016. During regular visits, the junior doctors would inform my Mum and cousin (we had not informed her what was wrong with mum)of the consequences of the operation and the chances of a bag will be fixed for passing of the stools (which will be lifetime), if the operation was unsuccessful. The operation took  3 hours during which we kept blasting the same scriptures over and over without ceasing. Finally the doctor was out and said that the operation was very successful and everything went on perfectly. She also told my husband that if there was a delay the cancer would have gone to the kidneys. The biggest miracle was that there was no need for a bag and that she could pass her stools normally. Yet it was not over, the sample had to be further sent for report.  We kept praying and meditating on the same scripture till it came to pass.

Finally, after 3 days, my husband met the doctor (when she came to the hospital) after the report had come. The operation was so successful that were no roots found or leftover growth for any further chemotherapy or medications to be taken. So all glory to  God because he deserves it. All went well for my mum who was saved and also GOD made us self-sufficient by supplying the money for the whole operation and also had made a way in advance for Mum to be insured as I had just taken medical insurance for her 2 years back at the age of 72. She is now recovering in Mumbai, her stitches are healed and she will join us next month here in Dubai.


All glory to our magnificent God…. As our Gods word says I will never leave you nor forsake you”. He is true to his promises…..One thing I have realized that the Lord is always on time. He puts everything so perfectly for us and we were at the right place at the right time. In our lives, even if we have taken a wrong turn which we normally do through our senses but when we humble ourselves to him and ask him to help us, he makes our wrong turns/decisions into right. I remember Bro. Johnson’s teaching in which he gave us two examples of a computer and bank account. In a computer if we search for a file and it is not there, it will show us file not found and so also in our account if we have no money even though we have a cheque book and a token we cannot withdraw any money. Every word/scripture when we study by heart we are depositing money or storing files in the hard disk and when we need help, the angels go and bring these deposits for us and save us and that is exactly what happened to us and our family.

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