An Extraordinary Experience – by Smitha Devara

It was a day spent at Church….. being part of a healing congregation…. guess I can say, a ‘miracle healing’ congregation.

After my father was told he could not undergo a knee replacement surgery (due to a heart aneurysm), he has been looking to every other possible source for an alternative cure, be they ayurvedic oils or locally developed calipers or what have you.


And that’s when he heard of a cousin, Rita, who’d recently had a faith healing experience, here in Bangalore. Rita, who was suffering acute knee pain, had her surgery scheduled, even her daughters tickets (from the US) booked for the purpose, had then come upon this healing. In fact it was one of her doctors who spoke about it. She went…received the healing….and was completely and totally cured. Overnight, she went from being near unable to walk ( she said the pain was so chronic and so severe, that she had begun to walk sideways) to being able to jump and dance, and now work all day long. Here was our exposure to a first hand miracle, right in the family.

Then started his conversations with her, over a period of two months, and between them they had the whole thing fixed. A lot of the family, and many of his friends were taken totally by surprise… the skepticism was evident, as this just didn’t fit the rational image of my dad. But he’d decided to do it, and my mom and I went along with the plan.


The healer is Brother Johnson Sequeira, from Goa, who visits Bangalore one day every month. His energy…his approach…his confidence….. his readings….his talks…..he kept the entire congregation constantly engaged, and almost mesmerized I’d say. We were there six hours and there wasn’t a single moment when we felt disconnected with what was happening. It was like he created this energy…built the receptivity, and then delivered the prayer. It was an amazing and moving experience.

Attached below in the first picture is my father walking down the aisle after his turn at the healing.

In the second picture, Brother Johnson asked dad to share his experience with the audience. I liked how he said “They’ve come from Hyderabad. Are they believers? No. Are they baptized? No. That’s real faith. That’s the faith that will heal”

Lastly, in the third picture the elderly gentleman on the extreme left, in the blue shirt…it’s an interesting story. He was apparently bedridden a few months back, and is now so completely healed that he actually danced with the kids to ‘when you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands’. That was like beholding a miracle. His gratitude was so evident, it brought tears to my eye.

There were people with all kinds of ailments…knees, backache, vision issues, spondylitis, parkinsons, asthma and others. After the healing, he asked for a show of hands, and it was impressive to see so many hands go up. While many said they’d been healed right away, for some others he said the process had begun and would take it’s course….if they kept the faith.

It was at one time a fascinating and a humbling experience….and I intend to go back there again one day…just to witness the power and healing of faith….to witness a miracle.

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