Baby set free from ventilator and healed completely from multiple sicknesses

Dear Br. Johnson,
Praise the Lord!

Thank you and praise you Lord Jesus for sending Br. Johnson in my life.

Thank you brother, you and your team is doing a wonderful job in Kuwait and rest of the world. God bless you all.
First and foremost let me begin my testimony by Praising and Thanking our Mighty Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ for coming into mine and my family’s life and working mighty miracles through Bro.Johnson, words cannot express through this email. Brother I want to share with you all how I and my family experienced Lord Jesus and how Jesus healed my little angel baby Lemuela Renisha.

My name is Rainer (residing in Kuwait) and this is my testimony – my wife Nisha delivered a little angel baby girl on 22nd March 2010. Due to the sudden raise in blood pressure, doctors performed Cesarean to deliver the child at 5 and half months, the birth weight of baby was only 620 grams. When I saw my baby first time I was totally stunned, she was so small, with full of wires on her body. She has been shifted to NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) immediately after birth and had been kept on incubator (is a machine through which the temperature is controlled) and ventilator (is a machine which supports breathing); I can’t imagine that sight again. When I met the doctors, the only thing they could say, most of the inner organs mainly lungs are not matured so the survival chances are very less, I said in my mind God this child is your gift and I know surely you will take care of her. My wife got discharged from hospital after 6 days of delivery. I thanked God for getting my wife home because even her life was in danger but only the prayers and God’s Grace saved her. We came home, but our little angle was in NICU fighting for each breath.

Days started moving, in the first 15 days doctors found some positive developments in our baby. We could notice the positive attitude in doctors who were treating my baby during these days. But, suddenly she developed a kind of infection named as pseudomonas, as per doctors it is one of the dangerous virus which infects the premature babies. And due to the infection our baby has been shifted to Isolation room, and started anti biotic medicines.

After one month or so she was cured from infection and shifted back to NICU.
You may think what we parents were doing all these days, we were praying to God, please heal our baby, please heal our baby, please heal our baby & please heal our baby nothing else. While days were moving we increased our prayer we asked each and every person whomever we met, please pray for our baby. I sent email to all my friends requesting to pray for my baby, before we used to go church once a week, now we started to go thrice a week, started to attend novenas and holy hours.

Every now and then doctors try to remove our baby from ventilator machine and she was not able to tolerate for more than five hours, so they will put her back on ventilator, after 3 months or so again she got infected by the same virus and the antibiotic process went for 15 days and she got cured from that. After around 4 months doctors found some tissues developed in my baby’s throat because of that they are not able to remove the ventilator machine and they referred to one more hospital which is specialized in ENT (Zain hospital, Kuwait. Doctors from this hospital tested our baby and suggested for bronchoscopy test (it’s a kind of test where they insert a copper kind of pipe with camera in the throat and clear the extra tissues developed). They cautioned us during this test if baby faces difficulty in breathing they may go for tracheostomy (opening the throat and inserting a pipe so that baby can breathe without the help of nose, directly from that pipe). Now we were worried so small kid, and we don’t know how much painful is this test may be and operation, no we did not wanted to get our baby operated for Tracheostomy but we were helpless but we were just praying God your will be done. We know that you will not leave our hand. The day came and we went to the hospital with the Farwaniya hospital team, they took our baby to the operation theater, we were waiting outside and praying to god please save our baby from operation, I called my parents and in laws asking please pray our baby, she is in the operation theater, I called a preacher in mangalore Br. Rony he also prayed over phone, one hour passed doctors came out and thank God they said that they did the test successfully without operation. Doctors assured us that moment that in two days they will extubate our baby from ventilator and she will be fine. And the same thing happened also and we got hope again that our baby is out of ventilator now, but after a day when we saw our baby she was back to ventilator again and we were shocked to see this scene again and we don’t know how much we cried that day and all the nurses were trying to console us from inside through hand signs.

Days started moving and when baby was around 5 and half months old she got infected with the same virus called pseudomonas and this time the effect was so bad, she was suffering a lot, we could make out through the sympathy the nurses showing towards us, and one of the doctor even said to my wife, your baby is suffering a lot you should rethink about the baby, just take some decision and talk to doctors. Why you want to see her suffering like this. Imagine what my wife would have felt that moment. But still both of us me and my wife told to each other that we will nor take any decision neither we will talk to doctors God knows what to be done now and he will surely show us a way. Again the antibiotic started for 15 days and she started recovering but couldn’t come out from ventilator, doctors were giving only one reason her lungs are not matured, but meantime we could read on their face that they were also worried coz this is the only baby was there in the NICU for more than 6 months in that Hospital.

Meantime we started asking God Lord teach us how to pray if our way of praying is not right. It was September and there was Novena for Infant Mary in Ahmadi Church Kuwait for the first time in Konkani. Me and my wife attended all 9 days novena and every day we put intention for our baby’s recovery. Same thing was going on in our native place too our parents and relatives and friends all were praying for our baby. During this time Fr. Alban came from India and he even visited our baby who was very sick during that time and tried to strengthen us with Lord’s words.

Days passed by one fine day, a person told us about Br. Johnson’s retreat in Kuwait and he told us that why don’t you attend once. I told ok let me see and me and my wife both attended. The retreat was in Hi Dine Hall, Abbassiya on 18th September 2010, it was Saturday. The preaching that day was all about “Mark 11: 23 to 24, 23I assure that whoever tells this hill to get up and throw itself in the sea and does not doubt in his heart, but believes that what he says will happen, it will be done for him. 24For this reason I tell you when you pray and ask for something, believe that you have received it, and you will be given whatever you ask for”.

That day I realized that, all these times in my prayers I used to use the second verse without the first verse. This is the first time lord opened my eyes through this man of God. If we pray without faith which is not according to the word of god, that prayer will not get answered and we blame God for not answering us but the truth is he already said in his word whatever you ask in faith will be given unto you. And after the retreat I met this Man of God and told him about my baby, he said do not worry she’s already healed, just thank Jesus for healing your baby and come and meet me tomorrow at so and so place. We went to meet him, that time he was talking to a lady, we waited till he finished, and then he asked what is the problem with our baby, we started explaining from beginning, this is what we used to do who ever ask about our baby. We used to tell the whole story. When we started telling the whole thing suddenly he told us to stop, I don’t want to hear about the past, let me tell you about the future. He gave a small book of scriptures to us and asked to repeat the first sentence in that book and here it goes “I Am The Body of Christ And Satan has no power over me” he told us to add our baby’s name instead of ‘I’ and make an image that our baby is already healed. We started repeating “Renisha is the body of Christ and Satan has no power no place over her”. We repeated this sentence hardly for ten minutes, I felt like a kind of heaviness was removed out from my head and I was feeling very light and my wife in her image saw that our baby is sleeping on the bed in our bed room. Brother asked us to confess this sentence every moment and believe that our baby is already healed, thank Lord Jesus for healing our baby. That evening we went to the hospital and we saw our baby was on ventilator we said what we are seeing is not true, she is already healed in spiritual ramp and we kept on confessing Renisha is the body of Christ and satan has no power no place over her. That day evening again we attended Br. Johnson’s retreat with a joyful heart. Next day morning as usual we went to the hospital and baby again was on ventilator, we knew in our sprit that she is already healed; we kept on repeating the same sentence again and again. After hospital visit we went to work. Day was passing and evening as regular practice we went to hospital to see our baby, and my friend now the time for miracle it happened in the natural. It was 21st September 2010, we saw our baby is breathing without the help of ventilator machine, and doctor said this is the first time she’s tolerating without machine for a long time. He explained, morning they removed from the machine and she started breathing very easily and normally so they continued her without machine. Friends almighty Lord showed the power on what we confessed and kept faith on him. Lord Jesus blessed our baby with brand new breathing system. He showed he can do the miracle at any stage to anyone who believes completely on him. Nothing is impossible to God. He is the only one who can turn all impossible things into possible things. That he showed us that he is the Most High God.

I still remember a Muslim doctor said that, in all his experience of 12 years this is the first miracle I saw, when our science not able to do anymore, the mighty god showed his power and your baby came out from ventilator machine and he continued saying, we (doctors team of almost 10 to 15) tried many methods and consulted many other senior doctors and consultants still we couldn’t find a single way to bring your baby out from ventilator machine, every time we tried and failed, and now when we left hope and stopped trying, see what the god done to your baby and he smiled. I saw such a broad smile towards us for the first time on his face after six long months.
And after five days doctors shifted our baby to SCBU (it’s a ward after NICU) with oxygen supply to her Incubator. And on 30th September after 4 days baby started breathing natural air without the oxygen supply. After few days doctors advised us to carry our baby in our hands and allowed mother to feed her own baby directly after 7 months of our baby’s birth. Praise the Lord!!! And we were thanking God for each and every moment because every day he was performing miracles in our baby’s life. From then exactly after a month, our baby got discharged and the day was 17th of November 2010. It was the happiest day in our life that by the Grace of God our baby came home after a long wait of 8 months. “God allowed this to happen coz he wanted to show the whole world that how much he loves the mankind”, these are the words spoken by the priest Fr. Albert who baptized our baby on 18th December 2010.
When my baby was in hospital I used to think these things happened to my baby because of my/forefather’s sins, and I realized it was a wrong thinking when I read the word of God in John 9 : 1As Jesus was walking along, he saw a man who had been born blind. 2His disciples asked him “Teacher, whose sin caused him to be born blind? Was it his own or his parents sin?” 3Jesus answered, “His blindness has nothing to do with his sins or his parents sins. He is blind so that God’s power might be seen at work in him.

Dear friends, I am sharing this testimony with you all so that we all should understand that whenever our prayers not get answered or gets delayed, our faith starts shaking, and we question the existence of God, I did the same thing. And now surely I can tell you when the Most High shows up the most low (sickness/disease) has to leave, he sent his person to preach the word of God and we believed that word and that word brought in us the manifestation. My Dear, when the doctors in this world say we can’t do anything more, the doctor of doctor’s will take over the battle if we believe and keep faith completely in him. When he is in action no medicine no operations required, any kind of disease will vanish like a blink of eye, every test will be proved negative, coz he is the creator of heaven, earth, you and me. God never want anyone to be in sickness or pain but we need to take one step towards him and rest he will take care.

I conclude my testimony by thanking all of you for remembering our baby in your prayers and we pray to the same Jesus who healed our Baby Lemuela Renisha completely, to cast away every sickness, worry and fear from you and your family in Jesus Holy Name. Amen!

Friends, please share this with all of your friends, relatives and as many as you can for the Glory of God the Almighty.

Lord Jesus I pray who so ever reads/shares this testimony for your glory, bless them and all their loved one O Lord, may your precious blood cover them all O Lord and heal from every sickness and every bondage and financial problems.

Warm Regards,
Rainer & Nisha,


Rainer Crasta, Kuwait

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