Bless the Lord, O My Soul Part – 8

Psalm 103:5 —– Who satisfies your mouth with good things, so that your youth is renewed like the eagles.

We who praise and thank God, also have areas of weakness in our life and we need to bring these areas of weakness into obedience to Christ.

For example, if I get angry repeatedly and at every flimsy cause, do I make excuses saying, “Oh it is in my nature, I am born like this, I cannot change”?

If you are eager to receive good things from God, it is imperative that you follow God’s instruction with total obedience.  You will have to go through some discomfort to uproot these weaknesses and make a certain amount of sacrifices too, but this is the only way to ensure that you experience blessings from God.

While in Dubai, I was informed, an elderly lady who had just been discharged from hospital but not able to walk. So Br. Alred, another brother and I visited her at her residence.  Being a widow she had no one to talk to about her pain and anguish.  We being ready listeners, she poured out her suffering to us. I listened attentively and realised that everything she spoke was negative.

The Lord reminded me of Acts chapter 3, where Peter and John met a cripple since birth at the temple. They did not have silver or gold but they gave the man something awesome. They grabbed his hand and lifted him up in the name of Jesus. The power of God took over and he was made well. It struck me that the cripple’s condition was worse than this lady’s so if he can walk why not her?

I explained this to her.  She had seen people getting healed during the retreats. So she caught my hand and pulled herself out of bed. She took the first two steps, and then she started to walk. The brother who accompanied us started recording this event.

The brother who came with us could not believe that this was real. This was Gods act!

God will remind us of the testimonies in the Bible so we can practise them in our own life and get results.

If you are willing to trust and obey God, God will reveal Himself to you and direct your steps as a way of life.

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