This is the Testimony of a lady named Mary Pratibha, who through persistence in her prayer, faith and continually confessing the scriptures experienced the Word of God become alive and active in her life.

The Lord has done amazing things in my life. There are so many to count, it’s a collection of miracles as it includes testimonies of my entire family. I can say from rags to riches in terms of financial status.

But this one is really interesting as it is is


My Miraculous baby


Jan 12, 2014 was one of the happiest days in my family as I was pregnant with my third child.  My husband and children were so excited that they would often kiss and touch my tummy and talk to the baby. On Feb. 13, 2014 we

Christina Whittle

The Seed fell……… Yet not on good soil

I heard about Bro Johnson mid last year through one of his ministry members – Bro Stanley Francis who came to Melbourne last year. Bro Stanley and his brother Geoffery where God’s labourers sent to sow the seed . At that time(8