Confessions of God’s promises leads to a blessed job

Praise the Lord. I would like to share the wonders my Jesus has worked in my life. I was seeking a job in Dubai for the past one year, since I had lost my last job in Sept 2012. My life was going through turmoil as I was on visit visa. It was last December that I was on a visit visa and tried my luck, it wasn’t that I did not get a job but not as perfect as I was looking for. I was seeking a job where I could attend praise and worship and dedicate time for church activities. I went on confessing the Word, “My Lord is with me and I am successful wherever I go success is with me and in everything I do I am successful and thank you Lord for blessing me with an excellent job with an excellent salary and in an excellent office. This was what Bro. Johnson has asked me to do and kept on repeating the same.

In the month of Feb 2013, I got a good job with a good salary but long hours of work (6 days )this brought a pain since the office travelling hours was almost 1.5 hours I did not take up the job. But the blow came when it was time to go with no job in hand and had to return back to Mumbai. In Mumbai the thought kept nipping me “I should have taken up the job, see, I would have made so much money”. Than in the month of April I visited Goa retreat and was touched by the teaching and that changed my thinking and I made up my mind to trust God in all. I was back on a visit visa in Dubai in the month of May 2013. Here again the same ordeal attending interviews, downfall, rejection, insults, failure. This time I did not focus on the negative but was focused on the plans Jesus had for me. I had 20 days in hand to seek job and pressure mounting up to take whatever comes my way but no I made up my mind and was confessing Deut 31.6 ,Isaiah 41.10, Gal 3.13 & 14.

Finally, I got a job in an MNC with the salary more than my expectation, with two days off and best of the facilities. I got my appointment letter and started my work, but again a downfall, my visa was delayed and I had to leave the country due to non-issue of visa. Again, I was heartbroken but did not give up; I went on confessing the same and kept on praying and reading the white book of God’s promises. It was almost more than a month and thought of applying for a next visit visa and visit Dubai in the month of Sept 2013. It was our Lady of Velankanni’s novena going on and I had just attended the mass was out and it was Saturday I got a call from my office saying check your mail. I was surprised and did as instructed to my surprise, the company send me my employment visa, along with an executive class emirates ticket and marhaba voucher with instructions at the airport the marhaba escort will guide you with immigration, luggage and will escort you till the company car. It was a royal treatment at the airport, my name flashing on the placard, screen and calling out, I was just confessing “Thank you lord for you have laden me with gold and silver without limit and today I have fallen heirs to what others have toiled for”, to add to this all I was paid for all days including I spend in Mumbai in full (unworked days). Praise my Jesus; with GOD ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE. Amen.

Julie Dsouza

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