Cultivating God’s Garden Part – 3

During the recent ten day Growth Retreat in Goa, God put it in my heart to teach the people to pray in tongues instead. So daily ,we prayed in tongues more than two hours daily.  This retreat was broadcasted live all around the world.  A lady in the Middle East was listening to it. She heard me say that there were hundreds of benefits to speaking in tongues. She called me and said she wanted to know what those benefits were. This woman’s husband was put in prison fifteen days prior to this call because of financial troubles.

When she heard about the benefits she decided to speak in tongues and did so continuously. Surely there would have been thoughts in her mind that her husband would only be released after he had put in his term of three years in jail. Surely she must have thought about financial problems. Despite all these negative thoughts she persistently continued to pray in tongues. On 1stJuly she called me.  Her doorbell rang that morning and she hears her husband’s voice on the other side. Her husband was released and his sentence was cancelled.

This lady has not attended any one of my retreats but has always watched the retreats via the internet and she has seen the result. By listening to the teachings she has changed her thinking and begun to think in accordance with God’s Word. She did not ask me to pray for her. She thanked me for the teaching, put the teaching into practise in her daily life and then got back to me with her God given result!

What do we think the whole day? It is our natural human behaviour to think on our problems. But if we exercise negative faith, it will only bring negative result. Satan wants to captivate our mind with negative and frightening thoughts and God wants us to use His Word to captivate our mind.  Whom do we allow to dominate our mind?
Hebrews 6: 7 —– For the earth which drinks in the rain that often comes upon it, and bears herbs useful for those by whom it is cultivated, receives blessing from God;

When we allow God’s authority over mind, we will surely produce good crops and an assurance from God that blessings will surely be manifested in our life. Our thoughts and our words are powerful. You may think that you simply cannot control what you think, but that is not true. Your mind is your own, and you can keep thoughts that you like and cast out ones that you do not relish.

God wants to think through us, and so does Satan. Keep the Godly thoughts and cast out the evil ones. When you have an evil thought replace it immediately with a Godly thought.

Our thoughts are the ones who decide whether we grow good crops or thorns and thistles!

Where the mind goes, the man follows.

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