Cultivating God’s Garden Part – 5

John 6:63 —— It is the Spirit who gives life; the flesh profits nothing. The words that I speak to you are spirit, and they are life.

According to the above scripture, a person who walks in the Spirit has life, but a person who walks in the flesh profits nothing. We are the ones to decide whether we will walk in the Spirit or the flesh. Problems will surely come but when we are surrounded by them, how do we respond to these problems? Do we respond according to the Word of God? If we do so, no matter how big our troubles are, we, who walk according to the Word of God, will see profit and life.

We have two pet dogs at the retreat centre in Goa, and they taught us how we can choose to walk in the Spirit or in the flesh. The boys and I were in the chapel, we finished the session and we all clapped our hands thanking God. The moment we started clapping, the black dog looked at the other dog and started barking.  The other dog bared her teeth at the black dog, turned her back and continued to sit.

I asked my brothers “Is not our life like this”? The dog was peacefully sitting under the chair but another dog came and irritated her.

We started clapping again, and the black dog again started barking at the other dog.  The other dog seemed totally uninterested and looked the other way and remained calm. We continued clapping to see if the other dog would react but she did not.

We too have situations like this in our life; it is our natural human nature to retaliate when someone comes against us. If we understand the Word of God it teaches us to respond with love. What others do to us is not our business what we do to them is our business.

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