Cultivating God’s Garden Part – 6

John6:63 ——– It is the Spirit who gives life; the flesh profits nothing. The words that I speak to you are spirit, and they are life.

A person first thinks about the sin and then commits that sin. No one commits sin without first thinking about it.

In the same way if we decide to obey the Word of God that teaches us to love our enemies, we need to first deliberately think we are going to love the person that hurt us. When we repeatedly think and speak it, we will be successful in loving that person because now we are walking in the Spirit.

Walking in the Spirit will empower us to accomplish what we cannot do in the flesh. Walking in the spirit brings blessings in every area of our life. Walking in the spirit will change our life and bring forth the manifestation of God’s glory. When we are blessed, we will always be a blessing to others.

For many years, I lived a sinful life. I did not know the Word of God, and I did not care about what was right and wrong. Living in the flesh only brought destruction. I became sick and during that time I was introduced to Jesus and the Bible. When I began to read the Bible I did not understand anything, I cried because I could not understand anything. I was thirsty for the Word of God; I went to a bookstall during a retreat and bought some cassettes. I bought at least 25 cassettes on Praise and Worship but they had nothing on the Word of God. There was not a single cassette that could explain to me the Word of God.

I prayed to God asking him for the gift of teaching, so I could make cassettes on the Word of God and distribute free of cost. Once the prayer was done I fainted.  This never happened before. When I opened my eyes I was in a dispensary but from the next day the Bible became real to me. I became extremely addicted to the Word of God.  I changed my thinking and was only interested in what God’s Word said.

Within a few weeks I could see the power of God operating in my life. I began to see the hand of God blessing me. I could see the Lord transforming my life.

I understood that no matter how bad a life I had lead, when I changed my thinking according to the Word of God; I received life instead of death.  Earlier I wanted to commit suicide because I lived according to the flesh and all I had produced in my life were the fruits of the kingdom of darkness. Now I understood God’s love for me.

I saw people who were in the renewal for ten to twenty years and I wondered why those people did not experience the same. I looked into the Word and understood that power flows only when “I am a doer of the Word”.

If you are a doer of the Word there will always be power, blessings and transformation.

When a person walks in the Spirit they are the light of the world reflecting the light of Christ unto others. 

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