David’s Confession Part – 1

Truly O Lord all that you have taught us has made us grow and be in an intimate relationship with you. Father we thank You for what you are going to teach us, we give you praise and glory. Your Word  brings that transformation in our lives.

For the last few weeks we were learning about having good faith with works through love and is only possible when we have a pure conscience. For the next few weeks we will dive deeper looking at how the Word of God bring victory in our life.

Romans 10:17
So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.

Faith will come by hearing our own voice, speaking what you believe based on the authority on God’s Word. Faith gets short circuited when there is condemnation, negative speaking and sin in our life. It is very important that we remember this.

If we study what the Bible tells about the God kind of faith, it cannot be released without words. This faith can only be activated by the Word of God that comes out of our mouth.

The question may arise what about a person who is mute? What I believe is they should write it down in faith that would be their release of faith in words. Words are the raw material that brings forth the manifestation in the physical realm.

In the next part we will study an example of David and Goliath, we must have heard this so many times. David killed the giant that is true, but the understanding is that it is God who has done it all. Therefore people believe that God will fight all the battles in our in life. However David used the principles of faith which brought that victory, it is when we understand that, then we truly understand this passage.

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