Divine Mercy sessions healed him in diabetic, sciatic nerve problem and wife’s sever back ailment

My name is Carlos Noronha and I am from Nagoa, Verna. I was introduced, telephonically, to bro. Johnson through Andrew Dias, an old friend of mine. I had approached Andrew as I was facing a lot of difficulty in my business activities. I was also having serious diabetic problems, (my sugar levels were rising dangerously high and I had doubled my insulin dosage, with not much effect) which fact I had not mentioned to either Andrew or Bro Johnson. Brother Johnson asked me to attend the Divine Mercy prayers at Calangute for 10 consecutive days and see the outcome of these prayers. I was reluctant as it involved travelling 70 kms every day, but reluctantly agreed. On the 3rd day I decided to test my sugar levels and found it to be 125, compared to 185 on the previous day. I could not believe it as I was struggling to bring it under control for over 2 months. Thinking that it was either a mistake or due to a lesser intake of food, I ate normally the next day and also ate some chocolates. The next morning my count was again 125. This is when I first believed in the power of God and prayer.While I always believed in God, I had never seen such results. I continued going for the divine mercy prayers, completed my 10 days and attended my first retreat as well. During this time, I also managed to halve my insulin intake and my diabetes is well under control, to date. I have also been healed of a severe Sciatic nerve problem and my wife has been healed of a recurring back problem and of gall stones. Meeting Brother Johnson has changed me spiritually; as I have begun attending Sunday mass after a gap of over 30 years and unfailing recite the prayers I have learnt at the New Creation Home, along with the divine mercy prayers. There has been no progress in my business life, but I am more at peace with myself and am hopeful of a turnaround sometime soon.
I request Aldrid to please read this testimony of mine whenever you feel like it, as I am a very private person and am terribly crowd shy.
Thank you for everything, especially the hospitality at New Creation .
God bless.

Carlos Noronha


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