Employing Patience Part – 1

The previous edition spoke on “the power of patience”. We learnt that troubles come into our life not to destroy us but to make us mature Christians. God has promised to us but those promises will manifest in our life only if we are patient.

We plant the seed of faith and water it by daily confessing the scriptures, but if the promises are not manifesting in our life, do we continue to live our life with patience or do we feel discouraged and fail the test?  Failing the test means losing the promise that was about to manifest in our life.

Once we understand the importance of patience in our life, our focus will be not to fall into the trap of the enemy by losing our patience and grumbling and murmuring.

Patience is self-restraint, and a person with self –restraint does not retaliate against a wrong. When someone does something wrong to us, we have two options.-

(1)    Either we respond with patience according to the Word of God.
(2)    We respond with anger and thus fall into the trap of the enemy.

Talking about responding with patience is easy but the true test comes when it is time to practise that patience in our daily life.

We cannot do it alone; it is only possible to apply this when we abide in the true vine. Jesus is the vine and we are the branches, those who abide in Him will produce much more fruit.  If patience is a fruit we can only produce it with the help of the Holy Spirit when we submit to God’s Word in obedience. Then we abide in the true vine.

If we disagree with God’s Word and respond with anger we are avoiding the sap of the True Vine and inhaling the poison of the world.

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