Faith that Brings Result Part – 10

Tying in yesterday’s teaching with the garden analogy we read about earlier, if you do not take action but leave it to God you will get nothing but weeds. God has given each and every one of the tools we require to cultivate the garden and bring forth a harvest.


You may be wondering why when we leave it to God and do not do anything we get negative thoughts. Just as the weeds grows when we leave our front lawn or garden empty our mind starts to heed to the negative seeds. That is because this world is under curse and satan is taking charge. When you do not cultivate faith you leave your garden for the devil to take care of.


When you plant faith, it will work and surely not fail, God’s faith cannot fail, His Word cannot fail. What you do with the seed, that is the Word of God, will cause it to bring harvest or fail.


You may have the best seeds in the world; you plant them in the ground; watered the seeds for a day or two, dug it up and take them out because there is no plant. Was there anything wrong? There was nothing wrong with the seed; you did not have faith the seed. The devil may come to your carnal mind, it may look impossible but that mountain you see is being destroyed from the inside.


Your faith is destroying the mountain on the inside but you can still see your situation on the outside. What you are looking at is the shell that will soon fall. The Word of God and your faith ate up the circumstance from the root, it may have looked the same but the work was in progress.


We have got to keep on speaking our faith; it is that conquering power that brings our situation our circumstances to its knees. This faith is confidence in God’s Word, its biblical and supernatural. Remember faith is the substance of things hoped for the evidence not yet seen. Faith is the warranty deal, the evidence of what you hoped for is the evidence in the spiritual realm. You cannot see the spiritual evidence but it is real, the biblical faith can produce supernatural results. It takes that unseen hope and brings it to manifestation, into reality.



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