Fixing Your Heart Part – 1

In those days it was common for a person to kill someone and take his kingdom, but yet David was anointed who was prophesied by Samuel did not operate out of God’s Word and operated in love. Now the prophecy came from Saul’s mouth that nothing can stop David from becoming a king. So remember when you are going through a trial and when you respond with God’s Word, the Word will be a lamb to your feet and a light to your path, to become great and mighty in the eyes of God and people. God says when you become a king of Israel, promise you will never kill my children in spite of all this in two chapters ahead you will see Saul again goes and tries to kill David. This time when he tries to kill David, David picks up his spear and water jug and walks out of the place.

1 Samuel 26:12
So David took the spear that was at Saul’s head and the water-jar, and they went away. No one saw it, or knew it, nor did anyone awake; for they were all asleep, because a deep sleep from the Lord had fallen upon them.

That very day when Saul tried to kill David again, that jealousy destroyed Saul and his anointing had gone, that baptism right had gone, and that spear stands for the kingdom and Saul loses the kingdom as well. So please remember to fix your heart, and from today no matter who comes against me I will operate like David did. Quick to forgive and that forgiveness, love and blessing I sow in somebody’s life will bring the anointing that’s going to make your strong, great and prosperous.

The end of Saul happened when he went and committed suicide.

We are taking the example of David who fixed his heart no matter how much the opposition, not matter how much the hardship, he was committed to God’s word. That’s what’s called fixing your heart, he got opportunities to kill Saul and become a king instantly but even though it was God’s plan. David didn’t do anything in the flesh but waited on God to make him a king in God’s time and when you wait on Gods time it will lift you up and make you great.

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