Fixing Your Heart Part – 12

Jesus told His disciples He will not talk to them much because if he shared His feelings how painful it would be. The devil would have picked up those thing and put pressure on Him till He would go away from the cross. We want to speak our feelings instead of that we got to open our mouth and share the Word of God because the Word of God can conqueror those feelings. When you speak your feelings satan is going to take advantage of your feelings that you spoke.

  Jesus prepared himself on what he would do, and he continued to do it even though it would cost him his life. Jesus was fixed on God and His word so no matter the pressure, He was fixed on it, and God came to His help. If you want God to intervene in your life, you have to fix your heart on Him and the mighty God will intervene and destroy every work of the devil. If we concentrate more on the troubles, on our pain and sickness, we keep on sharing it with others, we have given the options open to the devil in our life.

  When you receive the Word of God, you have to be committed to that Word, God says when you sow good you shall reap good. so many times we get opportunities to do good in peoples life, we get opportunities to bless somebody. Now when God gives these opportunities do we grasp them and do good?

  We have to understand where we are going wrong? Every day we miss the mark because we are not fixing our heart on the Lord in those areas of our lives. The more you fix your heart on the Lord the more victorious you are.

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