Fixing Your Heart Part – 14

God wanted to save David and sent a prophet called Nathan who came and brought this hidden thing to the light. When David fell into this sin, God said, ‘how could you have despised me and done this great evil in my sight?’ David did so much more evil to her family as well; he even murdered her husband to cover up this sin.  


Psalms 51:4a

Against You, You only, have I sinned, and done this evil in Your sight


God is saying I have given him a new life and you are accountable to me, so every time we are committing a sin,  God is saying you are committing it against me. You are actually standing against the one who created you, you are sinning against that purpose God has for our life. Every sin that we commit we are accountable to God because He created us and He gave us life. So when you fix your heart on God and make a decision that you are accountable to God all other things will fall in place.


When David committed adultery he repented and said Lord against you and only you have I sinned. I not only sin against that person but much more I am doing evil against God because God created me and I am accountable to Him. So I have to change my heart and fix my heart from now on whatever I do, I do it only to please God. As I please God that Word becomes a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.


  That’s where we got to change our heart and mind, so if you are hurting somebody if you are sinning against that person and you are sinning against God first. Once you understand that and you have God’s perspective in your heart and mind, you begin to change.

  When David repents and changes His heart towards God, he asks for forgiveness, he changes His heart; his very change of heart brings a change in his relationship with everybody.


  Ask yourself do I have the same kind of attitude before that I do it against my God?

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