Fixing Your Heart Part – 4

If you have not fixed your heart on God you will find yourself falling and failing all the battles in your life. If you keep on coming for the retreat pray and pray listen and nothing is changing in your life it’s because you have not set your heart on God. If you are not prepared, just like you prepare your children for exams, today everything maybe going on fine but the time is coming when the trial will come, you have to prepare yourself. So no matter how much the devil tries to attack or put pressure on you, you have to remain fixed on God because if the Word of God says so I am fixed on it.

   In the same way a prisoner has not prepared to go into the prison, you have not prepared to get into a mess but when your heart is not prepared with the Word of God the devil will take you step by step and kill you and finish you. Nobody is prepared to mess-up their marriage but we are unprepared with God’s word so when the quarrel starts we go on fighting and fighting till one day you end up with a divorce. Even the alcoholics don’t plan it, it must have started with friends and once they get addicted they destroyed their finance, marriage, everything, the devil is a deceiver he want to take you and kill you.

  It’s not by laying your hand over and the spirit of alcohol I go, the marriage will get restored, it only happens when you fix your heart on God. If the devil can take you step by step into the pit you can step by step get out of there and teach others to take the Word step by step. You get a first start by laying your hand yes, but you got to learn to drive your own car, the only way you can do it is by the Word of God.

Confession for this day
O Lord You protect us and save us,  Your helps has made us great, You have kept us from being captured, and we have never fallen. Thank You Jesus for not letting us to fall into temptation.

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