Fixing Your Heart Part – 6

We have to be trained to be committed to the Lord to fix our heart on the Lord no matter what happens, this is what we have to do. If our hearts were to be prepared this way, we would have had bigger battles bigger victories but praise God its not late, let’s fix our heart on God.

  When a person get prayed over and falls, he may come and fall for every service but his heart is not fixed on God, he will still be the same. When you fix your heart on God, you can be put into any situation, any place, you will still flourish because the Word of God is an incorruptible seed and its God himself. If you heart is fixed on God everything becomes easy for you.

  When you heart is fixed on God you heart is no longer going to be moved by emotions, it’s going to move like the light that is the Word of God. If David has to move by emotions, Saul had destroyed his marriage, wanted to kill him so many things but he didn’t allow his emotion to control him. David allowed the Word of God to take over that’s why he was an anointed king and God’s hand was always on David.

Ask yourself if you are committed to the Lord and you have made it your lifestyle to praise God at all times not only when things are good but also when things aren’t good. Have we been living a Christian life where we are focused on God’s word.

Confession for this day
Lord God we declare that we will walk in the light. We will seek to destroy the works of darkness by being a blessing to all those that You enable us to be a blessing to. And we seek to be a blessing to those that are in need, and we are an example of Your love and Your love in us is consistent.

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