Fixing Your Heart Part – 9

Let’s keep your heart fixed on God you can decide who you want to be. You can tell the devil you can push me how much you want but I have decided to make the Word a lamp to my feet, I am talking every step a step of faith. What we see in most of our life we have not been preparing our heart and fixing our heart on God’s word.

  When you are fixed on the Lord, even the smallest of the smallest sin hurts you, and you begin to rectify, and correct and build up yourself in that area. as you begin to study the Word of God more and more and you begin to apply, even the small things the Word of God will show you. It will hurt you it will convict you not condemn you, convict you to repent and change your life. That’s called fixing your heart on the Word of God.

  There are many people who are very sensitive towards God, they love God with all their heart but they have not yet prepared their heart to be committed to God. They have never planned to go away from God but when a situation comes instead of making the lamp a  light o their feet they make the wrong decisions. If we haven’t fixed our heart on God, we will surely fall down. Tomorrow we will take an example of Jesus.

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