For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.

There is no greater joy in shouting out this Psalm, for me.

God has already chosen us and set us apart to serve for the glory of his kingdom.

I was born into a Christian family and that lead me to believe that everything was fine with me and I didn’t have to do much to know Jesus.

From my childhood days I had the influence of spiritual teachers in the form of my Grand uncle who is a priest, my neighbor who was an evangelist, and through him other evangelists courtesy some retreats and prayer gatherings. In spite of all these influences my heart was never inclined to My God, My Jesus, My Saviour. I would just pretend to be holy but indulge in most of the mischievous activities as a young boy, my sister would be witness to most of the trouble I’ve created for her as her younger sibling.

I would read the bible everyday but would never understand it. Time just flew by and in my teenage I’ve been through a lot of peer pressure trying to seek answers, all by myself, through the internet and books, to things that actually required proper guidance and counselling. I’d hesitate most of the times to venture into that dark realm cause deep down my conscience would tell me that it was wrong, however I’d still go ahead and later the guilt would be unbearable. As a result of this if anything went wrong in my life I’d go back to a shell as the guilt of my actions in the past would push me into it. I would feel ashamed to even speak out these things with anybody as they would look up to me as a responsible person and that would bring in the guilt all the very more. And when I’d reach a certain threshold I’d turn myself to Jesus and ask him to bring me out of this mess and He is such a Faithful Friend, never leaves you nor forsakes you. I’d continue in this manner for a week or so and then once again return to my old habits.

But Praise be to God for planting my precious brother Raoul in my life. Although we were classmates in Christ Junior College back in 2005-2007 we would have interacted only once or twice.  However the Lord wasn’t finished with Raoul and neither was he finished with me. Once in our 2nd or 3rd year in engineering Raoul invited me to attend Bro Johnson’s retreat and I obliged to attend it, but that was only the one time I attended it and never went back to it again.
However a great turning point in my life came when I was diagnosed with typhoid in my 7th Semester. The reports tested positive for typhoid and I was literally taken in a wheel chair to the hospital as I was dehydrated to such an extent I could not even stand on my own feet. On the third day Raoul and a friend from my class came and visited me in the hospital and he shared the word of God with me and also taught me about the power of words (Proverbs18:21). It was exactly at this time that the word was sown in my heart. I recovered from my weakness and was discharged the very next day from the hospital. I then started reading the promises of God from the white booklet and once I was completely restored I got busy with all my other college activities and my spiritual life had once again taken a back seat.
Tragedy struck my family twice in the form of the loss of my Grand Mother on the day of my final semester exam in 2011 and the very next year I lost my Mother to a clot that was formed in her brain courtesy a stroke she suffered in 2005. This event left my family completely shattered and even in this Raoul and his family were very supportive giving us the much needed spiritual support we needed to get through this difficult time. With my sisters marriage fixed the very next month after my mother’s loss it seemed nearly impossible to pull it off as our relatives were not in favor of the wedding as they thought we were crazy to go ahead with it instead of mourning the loss of my mother. However the Lord’s ways are higher than our ways and by his Grace the wedding went on very well, every need was met and did not lack anything.

Again the Lord wasn’t yet finished with me as I was still clay in my Makers hands.

The loss of my mother made a huge impact on my father’s life and he was depressed in life and with my sister married now it was really an uphill task for me to manage the responsibilities at home. On my 23rd b’day while I was at work and dad was all alone at home he was drawn into his emotions very deeply, missing mom and that really caused me to look up to my Lord genuinely this time and seek his guidance to handle these alien situations. I had the white book that my Bro Raoul had given me, so I put together all the scriptures and promises that the bible had to overcome depression and shared it with Dad. This slowly lead him to come out of this trap that the enemy had set for him in his life.

After about two years since I first attended Bro Johnson’s retreat, I received a text message from an unknown person (read my angel) about the next retreat happening at Mt Carmel College, and without a second thought this time Dad and me decided that we are going to attend this retreat come what may. Initially Dad wasn’t in favor of the retreat but with constant fellowship and prayer we were able to overcome this hurdle. And now after attending the retreat regularly and also staying committed to being rooted in the word of God every day the Lord is making a fine Masterpiece out of me, I’ve been blessed with a better job recently this year 2015 and the Lord has been using me mightily to reach out to people on social media and also pray and evangelize to people who are hungry for the Word of God.

I’m still work in progress and thanks to this wonderful family of JCILM and a huge thank you for all our spiritual teachers in the form of Bro Johnson, Bro Marty and Sr Colleen, the awesome youth and elders who are always encouraging and ensuring that we stay committed to feed our Spirit with the Spiritual food from the Bible and not only be blessed by also to be a blessing unto the multitudes out there who are in search of hope just as we once were.

Thank you Jesus for your unmerited favor (Grace) over my life and for setting me apart to carry out your purpose in my life. All Glory and Honor to you, for You alone are worthy of all our Praises Lord.

In Jesus name, Amen.

Remember God has a purpose in all our lives and thus we are made holy, set apart. You are blessed to be a blessing.

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