Forgiving a person who troubled this sister, brought Grace and Blessings in her life

Dear Brother,

I would like to share my testimony with you in this mail of mine.

In the month of July I had gone to Bangalore to complete my MBA project as my colleague from Bangalore told me that she knew an HR who would help me in my Project.
When i was introduced to this HR he promised that he would provide me training in his company but he said that i had to pay the company Rs 10,000 as it was a big amount he agreed to Rs 6000 but to my shock i got to know that the certificates were FAKE CERTS and also the HR disappointed me since he didnt want to provide the training to me. so i wanted to escalate the matter to the CEO of his company by approaching him the very next day but this HR that same very night at 8PM came to my house with my colleague and created a big scene by screaming and shouting on top of their voice till 11PM at night by black mailing me and my brother to give them 80,000 Rs if the HR loses his job and also threatened my brother that he will ruin his career.this HR took my mail ID password and deleted all my mails from my mailbox and locked my password for 2 days and threatened my brother not to inform the police. i was asked to also swear on the Holy Bible as my brother wanted to throw it out.they both broked our family apart as my brother became against me and my mother the very next day and asked me to leave back to Goa.

In Goa i had attended Brother Johnsons Retreat and asked him to give me Gods Word. He gave me this Word of God.”Lord Jesus let the hidden things be brought into Light’.

As i was saying the Word of God often the Holy Spirit enlightned me and i sent a mail to the commissioner of police bangalore. within 15 days i got a call from the commissioner to come to bangalore. so when i took my mother and went to Bangalore to my surprise the commissioner had already filed an FIR case as forgery in the HRs name.. The commisioner soon took a very strict action within 2 days on the HR and my colleague and made them admit the complete truth without cross questioning me. the HR said sorry to me and was asked to return my cash Rs 6000 and gave in written that he would never interfere with my nor my brothers career.

I was shocked to know that the HR was terminated from his company in May itself and he gave me the fake certs in July.

Also the commissioner called my brother and told him not to live in fear but to call the commissioner if they blackmail him again.

My brother also told the truth. the commissioner told him that i was innocent the HR only fooled me as he had promised me the training in his company.

The Holy Spirit enlightened the commisioner police as we all know the police cross question us. this HRs father is a sub inspector of Traffic Police Station In Bangalore belonging to the same dept and requested his seniors to withdraw the FIR Case. I withdrew the FIR Case as i didnt want to spoil the HRs career.

This is what the Lord has done to me he has made my brother realise the truth as he became against me and my mother.and made the people who threaten me speak the truth and gave me justice.

Thank you Jesus for being with me always You have become my father and brother and stood by me in times of trouble.
My faith is increasing in you each day as i know Lord you will soon bring your mighty convention in my brother Pravin.

In Prayers,


Priya Phadke


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