Freedom from Financial lack mindset to Faith in God by listening to ‘Sower & The Seed’ CD

Praise the Lord! I want to thank you Bro Johnson I accidentally came across your CD (Sower & The Seed) one day when my husband came home from a trip from Saudi and he brought this cd from the car and this was the time we were going through all the troubles and I was seeking the Lord because I wanted to know why all my blessing are being threatened.

I asked my husband what it is and he said that his partner played it in the car on the way by road to Saudi and I asked him what it was and he said that it is a CD about God. So I thought and I looked at the CD and took the website URL printed on the CD and listened to one of your talks on you tube and decided to write to you for I felt surely you could help me with what I am facing now. I received this CD in June but just a week ago I started to listen to it when I wrote to you and I received your reply with the prayer from Deut 28 1-13. I started to say it every day and my husband got a business opportunity to Venezuela which when complete will pay all our debt! Praise the Lord!

Then I backed down and the devil start to trouble me and tell that they have to sell my house, my cars, that we cannot afford any more and that is when I realized that the promises you gave to say and why what is happening is different! that is when a week ago I decided I want to know more and I told Jesus tell me how should I pray. In order to get my prayers answered because you said that when we ask we shall receive, why was I not receiving? So that is when I took you CD and started to listen to it and that is when i was completely touched and my eyes opened I realized that all these years I never really knew the Jesus who I worshipped. I never realized how much he did for me and what a Great Mighty and Loving God he is!

In spite of everything I am going through today, after listening to your CD I have fallen in Love with my Jesus and nothing really matters anymore because now I know the truth and the truth has set me free! Praise the Most High God!

Thank you Bro Johnson I shall continue to grow in His word through your CD for I haven’t finished it yet but I felt I must give my testimony and thank you for bringing Jesus back into my life! Thank you and May your ministry grow and the Love of my Lord Jesus reach to every soul on earth! Praise my Most High God Jesus Christ! Thank you! God Bless! If I can be of any help to your ministry please let me I will do anything for my Jesus!

Celestina Fernandes


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