God Calls us to Loving Service Part – 8

The Holy Spirit will assist you when you are willing to obey; we just have to make the first decision to step out in faith. When I was thinking about loving everybody the Lord reminded me of an incident in Mangalore.

During my grandmother’s time where they used to wash clothes outside the house and the soapy water used to go to the coconut tree.  The utensils were also washed outside with ash and the remainder would also be put on the coconut tree. Both trees were healthy and provided fruits in their season. We who have the Holy Spirit who are the workmanship in Christ Jesus have to be open so people can come and put soap but we have to only give sweet water.

When we set our mind so that no matter what others do to us, because we are the workmanship of Jesus, nothing will deter us.

1 Peter 2:18
Servants, be subject to your masters with all fear; not only to the good and gentle, but also to the froward.

We too are servants; we too in the world are under someone else, whether it is you or your boss. If we are submissive will not the other person take advantage of us? The Lord says when we are submissive the Lord takes over the battle.

1 Peter 2:19
For this is thankworthy, if a man for conscience toward God endure grief, suffering wrongfully.

If a person goes through bitter suffering there is nothing thankworthy. If we realise that if God were to deal with us by our sin we would love those who do bad to us for God’s sake, we will not quit but do good. Now we have a credit in our account for enduring the suffering for Jesus. If there is a credit in our account we will not pray for the suffering to go away as we are becoming more like Jesus. We are getting practice to walk in Agape Love.

We have to thank God for those in our life who give us soapy water.

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