God’s favor is upon his Children-Testimony of Job Success

Jeremiah 29:11 – “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

My Name is William Pinto Ambrose from Bangalore. In 2009 God blessed me with a chance to pursue my higher studies abroad. I went to England and graduated with a Master’s degree, post which I also received a relevant job with good salary in an IT company abroad. Life was easy, smooth and cool, but then came a time when my post study work visa was about to expire and the company that I worked for couldn’t do anything. After repeatedly trying for visa, I had to finally come back to INDIA for Good.

I was still happy because there was nothing that I was losing as I had gained an international education and experience from England. Secondly, Bangalore is the biggest IT HUB a.k.a Silicon Valley. So I was confident of getting a job and I flew back to INDIA on 10th February 2014.

I spent a good 2 months with family, friends and relatives. I then started applying for a job online from the month of April but did not receive any interview call or letter. In the month of June I started received few calls for an interview and all ended up to be a failure with feedbacks like “you are over qualified” or “You don’t have enough qualification”, “Your experience is not good enough for this role” or “You are too experienced for this role”. I was confused!!

I was confused because in my last 11 years of work experience I never had to go through such situations in my life where I had to attend more than one interview to get a job. Getting through a job interview was a cakewalk for me, but here I’m trying harder and harder and harder with no positive results.

Just then in the month of July I received an offer from a company named Unisys in Bangalore, however I was also informed that my offer letter would be delayed as the billing has to be finalized from their client. So I waited…and waited and waited and waited for nearly three and a half months with no offer letter….!!

My family started losing hope in me and started pointing finger at me saying “You have done your education in England and you have 11 years of experience and how come you have not got a job yet?” I was disappointed, broken, shattered but never lost hope because I knew that I have the skills, education and experience required to get the job that I desired.

Right then my best friend’s Dad (Uncle John Anthony Rowe) invited me to join him for a retreat in Goa and casually I said “ok”. He took my “ok” very serious and got my tickets booked for this Goa trip in the month of October (This was around the month of May-June). I didn’t have any money to pay back and I had also not received my job offer letter from Unisys yet.

It was on October 21st, when one of the JCILM Bangalore group member (Florita) called my friend to confirm if we both are joining for the Goa retreat. There rose a voice inside me saying “William, you waited for this offer letter so long and they have not got back to you yet! Today your God is calling you and if you deny him today and you go to him when you really need, he might deny saying ‘I don’t even know you!’ so please go!”

And I said “we are coming”.

This JCILM Goa youth retreat was from 22nd October 2014 till 24th October 2014 and I had never attended a retreat like this ever before in my life. I felt the presence of God in that place just hovering around us and we were all filled with Joy in us.

Then came a turning point where Brother Pavan from Yeshua Band started preaching from Luke Chapter 5:5 where Simon answered, “Master, we’ve worked hard all night and haven’t caught anything. But because you say so, I will let down the nets.”

This blew my mind and reminded me of my internal voice saying “Lord I have worked hard… I have worked hard my whole life, I have worked hard to keep my family happy, I have worked hard to earn that little money that I could, I’ve worked hard to get to the stage I am right now and now I am working hard to get a job and I haven’t got a Job yet! I haven’t got that satisfaction in my life yet, I haven’t got peace of mind in my life yet, I haven’t got that relationship that I wanted yet, I haven’t got that love from my parents that I wanted yet….. I have got nothing Lord… Nothing….!” (Crying)

Just then I hear brother Pavan preaching “If you have tried all your ways to get out of that situation, just like Simon tried in this verse” listen to Jesus saying “Let’s do it again…… Let’s do it again…..If you have tried all your ways and you don’t see any blessing, you don’t see any prosperity let’s do it again….. But this time it’s going to be my way and not your way!”

Look what happens when you do things according to God’s way:

Luke Chapter 5:6 “When they had done so, they caught such a large number of fish that their nets began to break.”…. Hallelujah!!!

Just right then I gave it up to Jesus and said “Lord, I surrender it all to you Jesus. I have tried all my ways and it is not working anymore. I surrender it all to you Lord. You take control of my situation. I surrender completely, me, my family, my job, my situation everything lord everything. Take control Lord please take control!”

I felt relieved of a huge burden on my chest and I came to Bangalore in peace. Just in a week’s time I got a call from a company named SAP LABs INDIA and I got through the interview. I started working since 10th November 2014 (9 months of Spiritual pregnancy) as an IT Incident Manager with a good pay, good transport facilities, good benefits and good Food. What more can I ask, for I have found favor in his sight.

I don’t know what my future holds but I now know who holds my future. When you are with me who can be against me O Lord… Hallelujah!

Praise be to you Lord Jesus Christ for you have always been faithful to me.

Love you Lord.

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