God’s Grace that helped raise low grades to 1st class results (Isaiah 11:2)

Praise the Lord for his mighty hand of protection over my Family and me. Firstly my apologies for the delay in testifying.

My son Valroy who had not done well in his prelims (grade X) and was very cool about the results, not worried about the finals. In our despair we contacted you Brother Johnson who prayed over Valroy, gave him the understanding of God’s word, There were only fifteen days for the final board examination. Yes the LORD worked wonderfully in Valroy’s life, he enlightened Valroy’s mind and study in those fifteen days rewarding him 64%. The LORD made him realize that if we truly with all our minds and souls seek the Lord – He is there for us, in fact He is waiting for us to turn to him and that if we take the first step He is ready to take us through the ninety nine steps.

Stay Blessed is Christ, Michelle Mascarenhas.

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