God’s Love Testimony

My name is Sylvester D’costa, from Goa. This is my testimony about how good my Jesus is!

Well it all started in school, when I was searching for love from a girl, as I was attracted to her from 5th std. It was just a simple attraction. But then I was a very quiet and shy boy, so my journey was like that, and I always used to stare at that girl. Which made her feel uncomfortable and because of which we would never talk. So then in 9th std I forwarded a friendship letter to that girl, as everyone was sharing it with their friends but her friends made it an issue saying it was a love letter and I was very hurt. So there I was hurt and I used to hate myself much because I was very simple and didn’t even know how to talk to girls.

So then I was a very distracted guy, I got only 61% for my 10th boards even though I studied a lot, which showed I was an average guy. Then I went to commerce stream in higher secondary as I couldn’t get into science stream. So even here I was not good in the language subjects. Because of which I had to discontinue my higher secondary. After this I went to study diploma, I got into electronics and communication engineering diploma. When I was there I got into lot of bad things, in the meanwhile I learnt to talk to girls and was already making girl friends. I was also into lots of other bad things, specially smoking, drinking and other bad things.

So as a youth I would say I was enjoying, but was not happy from within. I had that empty space within me. During all this time I already hated my family. I loved spending time with my friends and hated spending time with my family. So during my journey of diploma studies I was failing in many subjects. The diploma was just of 3 years, but that also I couldn’t complete within 3 years. At the end of 3 years I had 12 backlogs (failed Semester subjects which I had to re-answer). After the 3 years were over I had to sit at home and answer my backlog subjects. Then in the next Semester I registered for all 12 backlog subjects and I passed only in one subject. So I had 11 subjects still remaining.

In the next Semester now I had to register 11 backlogs and this time I passed none. So it was like I am finished. I enjoyed my life and everything and now my life is over. Also because of shame I tried applying for a call centre job. I applied at 2 places and both places rejected me because I had only a 10th Pass Certificate. During that time I was meeting lot of Godly religious people, but none of them told me how good the lord was. I used to not like preachers. Because I don’t think anyone told me how good God was.
But I used to like one preacher and his ministry. I used to see his life and all his volunteers were people of love. The preachers’ name was Johnson Sequeira. So when my mom told me to go for their retreat I didn’t hesitate to go. I just causally went for it.

I heard the word of God for 2 days from him. On the final day I took a decision to follow Jesus. I was a born catholic but never really knew God. But now I decided to make a decision to follow him. Now I had been to lots of retreats before but nothing affected me, as it would affect me for only for 1 week or maximum 2 weeks. So I told God I don’t want to go back to my old life because it didn’t give me anything but rather it stole my life. Now, Brother Johnson Sequeira gave me the word of God CD. And so, I deleted all the worldly songs which I had in my cell phone  which I used to love to listen to, as I would call music my life. But I decided that I will delete the music and put the word of God in my cell phone.

The retreat centre also had many youth retreats. For the youth retreat I met a person his name was Brother Marty, his testimony inspired me and showed me that God can really give me a new life. So day and night I started listening to the word of God. And I was hungrier for the word. And it was surprisingly satisfying me. And I was connected to this ministry. Also I already started sharing the word of God to my friends. So God was revealing himself to me. And that year I even cleared all my backlogs. God started doing mighty things in my life. And God also started helping me in my studies. I started studying and told God, that now I have got the desire to study and I want to do a degree course after my diploma. But I don’t know how I will get through. I started using the word of God, and within few days the Goa news said that Goa government has removed the entrance exam for diploma students to enter a degree course. So I was completely overjoyed.

And within one year from the time I met the Lord Jesus I cleared all my eleven backlogs which I wouldn’t have been able to do without his help. And everyone was shocked. My other friends had 3-7 backlogs but they couldn’t clear them but by God’s grace I cleared all the eleven backlogs altogether at one go. Now after seeing all these changes in my life, one Muslim boy told me that he could see God’s hand on my life. And this friend used to even send me scripture messages because of what he saw.

Then I came to degree engineering college and God got me in one of the best engineering colleges in Goa. The name of the college is Padre Conceicao College of engineering.  So I got direct entry in the second year i.e. 3rd Semester and here Jesus gave me 68% for the 3rd Semester in degree and recently in 4th Semester I got a distinction and now I am the placement secretary for the IT stream in my college. Thank you lots Jesus because from a guy who couldn’t study anything, today by God’s grace I can study everything. He took all my shame away and gave me a new life. My testimony is not over, it’s still in progress and stay tuned to hear many more great things which the good lord and my father is yet to do.

Today people are finding it hard to believe that I was once a bad boy and a failure in life. My Jesus is alive and he loves me. Guys anyone out there who thinks he is finished in life and it’s all over; my friend come to the ONE, who can give you a new beginning. He can give you, a life you never imagined about. I want to tell you, that Jesus loves you and he can change your life. An amazing life awaits you. Come, what are you waiting for?

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