Grace of God Part – 48

Let me recall an incident that happened six years back. Bro. Joel’s mother suffered a heart attack.  He called me at my home around midnight and I spent the rest of the night with her at the hospital.  In the morning the doctors informed him that she was no more and had left for her Heavenly abode.  After Bro. Joel heard the news, I saw him smiling and he seemed happy.  He was praising God almighty and talking about how happy his mother would be in the arms of her Heavenly Father – no more heart attacks, no more sicknesses, no more poverty, no more pain, no more problems but total freedom; she would be enjoying herself in the presence of The Lord.  He recalled how his mother was a talented musician and had taught him musical notes and how to play the piano.  He said that his mother is now singing the glory of God – because in heaven there is no other work except to sing praises, and worship the Lord.

Then it occurred to me – Are we not happy to send our children to foreign lands or sailing on the ship if the job and the salary is good and there is a bright future ahead? Now, say suppose they are not able to come back home.  You will still be happy for them because they have a good job, a good house and a happy family.  So, why do we feel sad and cry our hearts out when our loved ones leave this earth and are gone to a place called Heaven?  They are gone to a place where there is no more sadness; where there is no more suffering, where there is no more pain there is only joy for evermore.  It is evident that all of us some day have to die and leave this world.  Praise be to God, we have made a choice of going straight to Heaven because of our staunch belief in Lord Jesus Christ who has given us this new life.  And, in the future we are going to meet our loved ones in Heaven where together we will be rejoicing and praising our God.

So, when you think of your loved ones who are no more, you should be rejoicing because they are in a better place than this place on earth.
In Heaven:

  • We’ll have eyes that will never see a tear drop,
  • We’ll have legs that will never ache with pain,
  • We’ll hands that will never fade and wither,
  • And, a heart that will never break again.

Praise God!! Alleluia !!!

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