Heart blocks disappear, mama set free from all heart ailments and sicknesses

Praise the Lord.

In the month of Aug 2009 my mother was very sick with continuous vomiting, we showed her to our family doctor and she was given some medicine but there was no change, again we brought the doctor home and again he gave some medicine but still there was no change, she didn’t know what was happening to her and she did not have any strength even to stand, then the doctor told us to get her admitted. Thereafter we got her admitted in the M.P.T Hospital, Vasco, there she was kept on drips, after some tests we got to know that there was very high infection in her body.

Then she was undergoing treatment thereitself, later the doctors did her sonography, through which we got to know that she had kidney stones, later the doctors advised us to shift her to Apollo Victor Hospital. I called up Br. Alfred and told him about this and he gave me the scripture Romans- 4:17 and I kept sayings that scripture, and the prayer Concerning worry and fear continuously. In Apollo Victor Hospital the doctors did her scanning and removed X-Rays and said the same, and she was kept only on drips, later she was operated and kept in the ICU. Then after two days, after getting her out from the ICU she got a pain in her chest and after doing ECG the doctor found some change, and was again taken back to the ICU.

Then the doctors told that she is in a critical condition and advised to undergo angiography to check the blocks and also said that if there are blocks she won’t be able to get operated because it is very risky because she had asthma problem and was also very weak, and she was taken to do the angiography, while the angiography was going on, I went to the prayer room in that hospital and prayed the prayer “Concerning Worry and Fear” continuously and I also prayed the prayer “Lord Jesus I take Your Precious Blood” and I sprinkle all over my mother’s body from head to toe, “Jesus by Your Wounds and Stripes” I believe in faith my mother’s report is normal, I kept praying these prayers and I started giving Thanks and Praise to God, then my aunt came to call me in the prayer room saying that the doctor is calling, as I went out to meet the doctor, doctor gave me a good news saying that everything is fine and my mother’s reports are normal. Now my mother is fine.

I Thank God for answering my prayers and helping in our troubles and for giving us courage and strength to overcome all this by praying the Word of God, and I also thank Bro. Johnson and his JCILM Team for teaching the Word of God. May God Bless you Br., your family and your team members. I also thank for all those who prayed for my mother.

Thank You Jesus, Praise the Lord, Alleluia


Mrs. Sabina Afonso

Cansaulim Goa.

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