I am the Vine

John 15:1 NIV)  “I am the true vine, and my Father is the Gardner.”

This is a brand new day with brand new mercies.  In our journey through the gospel of John we are also embarking upon a new chapter. Jesus has already had His last meal with the disciples, He has already taken off His outer garments and washed their feet, He has already spoken comforting words to them about His departure and the soon to come gift of the Holy Spirit, so what would He now say? He knows that in a few short hours He will be stretched out upon Calvary’s cross, but for now, He is still with them. As He continues His final instructions to His disciples He paints the picture of the vineyard. He gives them an illustration about something He knew they could relate to. He opens up His illustration with these words, “I am the true vine, and my Father is the Gardner.

The disciples were very familiar with the grape vine. They could immediately picture it in their minds. They could see the luscious and full grapes hanging from its branches. They could see the length of the vine and how it seemingly went on forever. Jesus then likened Himself to the vine, but with one disclaimer, “I am the true vine.”  This was another statement directed towards His deity. The disciples still did not really understand who Jesus was yet. Jesus was not “a” vine, but rather “the” true vine. Jesus was not “a” way, but rather “the” way. Jesus was not “a” door to eternal life, but rather “the” door. Jesus, in this statement, once again affirms His deity. A vine is the source of life and nourishment to the branches. A vine is the vehicle by which the branches grow and bring forth fruit. The vine represents the branches’ only chance at survival. Without the vine, the branches shrivel up and die. Jesus is the True Vine.

His Father, He says, is the Gardner. The one who wakes up in the morning with the vineyard on his mind. The one who goes out to tend to the branches. The one who prunes and cuts and snips away the things that will hinder the growth and the production of fruit. The Father, yes, is the gardener. We will discuss both of these further in the upcoming days.

So what does this mean to you today?

1.  Being connected to Jesus is our only chance at living God’s life and bringing forth fruit in the earth.

2.  Life on the vine is not free of cutting, snipping, and pruning.

So remember that we must be connected to Jesus and that the Father will sometimes prune us to help us to bring forth more fruit! Have you been pruned lately?

In Jesus’ name.

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