Jesus is the Light Part – 3

Psalm 27:1 —— The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? The Lord is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?

It’s no fun to live life afraid. There are a lot of “mights”! But we can’t worry about those things—about what could happen. We can’t be afraid just because something tragic happened. We have to trust our God because He is our light and our salvation. We have to go on with our lives.

A light can only be useful when there is nothing obstructing it. What we read in the Word is the light of God. We read it but do we apply it? If we do not obey the Word and apply it in our life, we allow these worldly obstructions to choke the light of God.

When the Gospel is preached how many people respond to that preaching? Those who respond to the teaching are not obstructing the light and will go out reflecting that same light onto others.

We are not comfortable walking in darkness or driving in the dark without the headlights on. So why do we walk through life without the light of our Lord?

There was a girl in Calcutta who used to face a lot of teasing and name-calling because she was very timid. This social ostracising caused her to become depressed and she exhibited suicidal tendencies. Her life by the world standards was a failure and everybody had given up on her. She encountered Jesus and made a decision to get out of this situation. She prayed and worked hard in her studies. She graduated, completed her MBA and found employment in a wonderful company. Despite all this success, she persisted in obeying the Word and in a matter of one year she reached a stage in the company which many people cannot reach in fourteen or fifteen years.

When she came with me I taught her about healing the sick. I sent out a message with her number asking people who were sick to call her. She received sixty-five calls; she prayed with them and for them and all of those sixty-five people got healed.

In her office in Bangalore, she offered to pray over her colleagues who were sick. Many of them were not Christians. She sent me a message later saying the whole office went crazy because whoever she touched got healed. This gave her an opportunity to teach them about Jesus and they all wanted to learn more about the Word of God.

He knew that we would be afraid, that we would doubt. That’s why He tells us again and again in the Bible,” FEAR NOT”.

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