Jesus is the Light Part – 4

Psalm 27:1 —- The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? The Lord is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?

I was living a miserable life before I met Jesus. But after I made a decision to follow Jesus, the darkness in my life fell apart and the light of God’s Word began to direct my every move. I received the Word of God, believed the Word, obeyed the Word and gradually my life became a reflector of God’s light. I am alive only because I made a decision to give my life to Jesus and obey His Word.

I travel a lot teaching the Word of God to people all over the world. Thousands of people depend on the Word that is preached and their future is illuminated because of the Word. In these eighteen years, I can say, without a doubt, hundreds of thousands of people’s lives have been changed by obeying the Word of God. When we walk in the light by being obedient to God and His Word, it not only changes our life but changes the lives of those around us.

I preach the Word at rehabilitation Centre in Sri Lanka. The founder of this Centre found the “light” while in prison. Matthew 11:28, “Come to me all those who are burdened and I will give you rest.” This scripture was written on a lunch packet that was given to him in prison. He wondered who this person who could give him rest was. He kept thinking about this scripture. He did not know Jesus, but the more he thought about it, the quicker he changed his life.

He was later released for good behaviour and began to seek God. God put some people in his life who taught him about Christ. When this man heard the Word, he made a decision to walk according to the Word. He opened a rehab centre and has helped approximately 8000 people beat the drug addiction and live a clean and healthy life. He has since died but those who are walking in the light of Christ continue doing the good work at the rehab centre in Sri Lanka.

Whenever we make a decision to walk in the light, the devil will surely try to discourage us and tell us how useless and alone we are, but we know that the devil is a liar. You may have neither money nor resources but you have the Almighty Creator. When He is with you, He will do things for you that will make you a blessing to many others. Jesus is the only true light!


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