Keep Trusting in God

Revelation 3:8 – “I know your works. See, I have set before you an open door, and no one can shut it; for you have a little strength, have kept My Word, and have not denied My Name”.

We did not know how it works; all we did was read it in a book and activate our faith. At that very moment the anointing just exploded and we were just crying and singing songs of praise to God for the next hour. Bro. Alred came to pick us up and he was outside and when he was about to ring the bell the anointing hit him also.

Once the session was over in Goa we arrived back to Mumbai. That night a man came to my house and rang the bell. He said “God has instructed me to give this to you” and he handed me a packet. Inside was the exact amount needed to buy a Korg keyboard. I called Br. Joe and told him to get ready as the delivery time was the next day. At 11:30 am the next day, the baby was in our hands – a Korg keyboard.

When we learnt the technique of getting spiritually pregnant, we received five Korg keyboards. Subsequently I got pregnant with the New Creation Home! We began to speak and thank God for a place where we could seat more than a thousand people; where everything would be free; a place where people could praise Him; a place where people could become crazy for Him; a place where the broken could be mended; a place where the drug addicts and alcoholics could be set free without withdrawal symptoms.

In one of the churches where I was preaching a young couple came to us and said that they had heard that we were helping the drug addicts and alcoholics. They offered us the use of their resort since it was off season. We had a seven day retreat at the resort and preached to twenty five drug addicts and also taught them swimming in the evening at the pool!

The seven days retreat yielded very good results.  We continued the retreats there month after month till it was season time for the resort again. Later we continued our retreats every month at various locations because we did not have a permanent place.  One day while I was preaching a lady walked up to the stage and handed over to me a key.  She had built a new house and she said God had instructed her to hand over the key to the preacher.

We shifted to that house and had 45 candidates with us there. When the drug addicts and alcoholics praise God, they praise and shout at the top of their voice. A neighbour, who we had never seen in a sober state, changed his life by just hearing them.

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