Learning The Word of God from the White book and CD brought healing and victory to this family

Dear Br. Johnson,
This is Mrs.Eugine D’souza living in Dubai with my husband Kerwyn & daughter Kaitlyn. Praise God, finally I have found a man of God like you. I was seeking the meaning of the of God by reading the bible, in other words I was seeking God by attending prayer meetings, retreats etc. Had been to potta twice. I had no CD on the word of god which could have kept growing the seed which was planted. It was growing slowly with out any fertilizer, therefore it didn’t produce good harvest.

May 2011 I received a CD on the word of God (sower & the seed, freedom from fear). As we were listening to it day & night , I was so excited, filled with joy as though I won a LEXUS CAR. I started laying a strong foundation. I learned how to pray with faith & meaning of faith. I felt the changes in my life there was no more fear in me because I started meditating on the word of God. We made so many copies and given to most of our friends and colleagues. My daughter used to have chronic cough sounded like the dog barking since the age of 3. No treatment helped her. When ever I go to the Doctors, they used to tell me she is perfectly alright. The moment she enters the house her symptoms used to start again. She was allergic to many food items, dust, pollans and house mites. She used to have wheezing and spasm. Ever since I started praying with faith not with fear and I was rejoicing in the Lord. I noticed my daughter ‘s health started improving, even if she gets the same symptoms I was not afraid because by now I new the power in the word of God. I was praying to meet Br.Johnson. Is it possible to meet this man of God. The way you preach, any one can change their life and come back to God.

One day my husband told me Br. Johnson Is coming to Dubai. I was exicited to attend his prayer meeting. In June this year we attended the 1st retreat , I got one more CD. By now I learnend so much about the kingdom of God, the wonderful promises of God, how to fight for it by confessing the word. I got the white book (small) as well, I started reading it by hearted many scriptures from it. As I was listening to the CD I usedto make notes on it. I have a book full of notes on your preaching. People used to say I’m big fan of film actor/actress OR cricket players. Likewise I became the fan of Br. Johnson for his wonderful preaching. Just by listening to your CD my life has changed so much. Now I have taught my daughter the healing srcriptures and many more. She has by hearted them and I make her confess every day. She is now 7 years old. Thank God for sending Br. Johnson in our lifes. Now I have learned to speak and share language of the word of god and started sharing with every one I meet.

Thank you Jesus, Praise you Jesus!


Eugine D’Souza and Family


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