My name is Jairus Prashanth Roy, I am studying in second PUC and this is my testimony.

I have been having a problem with my food pipe since the past 10 years. I could not eat like a normal person. It was completely closed. For this reason I had undergone 3 operations. 

The first operation did not show any improvement. The second time the doctors had shifted my stomach from it’s original place. They intended to do one thing but it resulted in something else. During the third time they had to undo what they had done in the 1st and 2nd operation. The doctors had declared that this problem was incurable and I had to live with this for the rest of my life. With this negative report and thought in mind I had lost all hope. I kept praying to God but nothing had changed. 

I attended Bro Johnson’s retreat held on the 25th of September and listened to his teaching on Healing. I then made up my mind to confess these words and I believed that I had already received it. That night when I was having my dinner I was tempted to sip water after every two morsels of food. Each time that temptation came I confessed aloud saying that I am Healed by the Blood of Jesus Christ and I am set free. I was able to finish my entire meal without drinking a sip of water.

Thank you God that you are a true, loving, faithful and a merciful God.

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