Lord Jesus saved my husband from the pirates…

Br Aldred/ Br johnson,

Praise the Lord!!!!. This is a testimony how Lord Jesus saved my husband from the pirates.

My husband is sailing on a VLCC ( Tanker). He had to sail through pirate infested seas. We were worried for his safety. I spoke to br. Aldred , he asked me to confess Exodus 14: 13 – 14, 200 times a day. i conveyed to my husband and we both confessed more than 200 times everyday during the entire period of approximately 10 days of sailing and God saved his ship from the pirates.

1) His ship is sailing, the pirates dont attack them, they attack the next ship and the ship after that one also. God saved his ship.

2) Two days later he gets a message saying be on Alert becoz the pirate Mother ship is 15 miles away from u all, normally at this distance when the mother ship sees a ship they send the boats to attack but in this case they just let them pass by without even firing a single round . Everyone on board is on alert waiting when the attack will come and the ship is sailing and there is no attack. Completely safe voyage.

Thank You Jesus.

Joanita Pinto & fly.


Joanita Pinto

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