My Miraculous baby


Jan 12, 2014 was one of the happiest days in my family as I was pregnant with my third child.  My husband and children were so excited that they would often kiss and touch my tummy and talk to the baby. On Feb. 13, 2014 we had a car accident and I broke my right wrist. Fortunately my husband and kids were all fine. I was rushed to the hospital and the doctor asked me to go for an x ray. I wasn’t ready to get an x ray or get myself treated as it could have detrimental effect on the baby.  However I was forced into the x ray room and I was crying to my husband, “ our baby, our baby….please do something”. He simply consoled me saying “ Trust in God”. I felt totally helpless.


At that instance, I remembered the Word of God “ I am the body of Christ and satan has no power over me.” As tears were gushing, I confessed the word of God aloud during the xray because I had learnt during Br. Johnson’s retreat that life and death is in the power of my tongue. (Proverbs 18:21)


I continued to be in great pain and doctors could not give me any painkillers.  Also, I was scheduled for the surgery next day in the afternoon. I was stressed out mentally, emotionally and physically and my husband figured out that I am slipping into speaking negative. He encouraged me to be a warrior and pass the test of faith by speaking only positive and the Word of God.


When I was alone that night in the hospital room for a few minutes, I cried out to Jesus saying, “Lord, you are my refuge and fortress, You are my God in You in trust”. I groaned to the Lord, “Whom shall I go? You must keep my baby safe and sound.” I asked for mother Mary’s intercession as she would understand the pain I was going through. By faith, I covered my baby in the precious blood of Jesus and believed that there’s a shield over the child and no radiations or weapons of the enemy can harm her.


As the hour of surgery approached, I was growing anxious about my unborn child.  Again, Holy Spirit reminded of Word of God concerning worry and fear that I had memorized from Br. Johnson’s booklet and I confessed over and over again to fight my negative thoughts. When I entered the OT, tears were flowing out continuously and I was not speaking a word although the doctor was trying to talk to me. Finally he asked me the reason for my crying and I barely uttered, “Doctor, my baby is very precious to me.” He assured me to take all possible precautions before the surgery, as it had to be done under radiations. I repeated the Word of God and Memorare throughout the surgery until I was out of the OT. The doctor had placed 4 screws in my hand to set the bone followed by a course of antibiotics but no painkillers.


Further, my gynecologist insisted for the downs syndrome test as I had conceived at 38 yrs of age and suggested an abortion if the test was positive. My husband and I refused the test as we were determined to have our baby no matter what.


People called my husband and I fools, illiterate and ignorant for having a third child. With all these rejections, I was sure that I am on the right path and in line with the Word. However, all this troubled me and in my sorrow I said to Jesus “ I being a mother feel sad that my baby is rejected, You as the creator must be so sad because you love this child more than I do. Therefore, why will you let this child be born among people who are so hostile? Take me Lord far away from this place where there’s nobody to despise my new baby for You have promised never to leave or forsake us.


I cancelled all the negativity I would hear by confessing Galatians 3:13  “ Christ has redeemed me and my baby from the curse of the law.”


Br. Johnson also taught we must sow the seeds of prosperity that we hope for and water it everyday by thanksgiving until we see the sprout i.e manifestation.


Therefore, I had sown the seeds of prosperity and good health for my unborn baby and thanked God everyday believing I have already received all that I have sown (asked for).


7 weeks later the screws were taken out of my hand and I went through very painful physiotherapy. I could once again endure the pain with Word of God, which helped in fast recovery.


1 ½ months later, my husband was blessed with a job in the US and we moved to New Jersey.


On September 8 (Mother Mary’s birthday), God blessed us with a beautiful and healthy baby girl. We named her Maria.


The glory and mercy of God is manifested in my baby Maria.




Points to remember

  • Word of God is active and alive
  • There is power in our words. Therefore watch out for what we are sowing (saying)
  • There is power in the blood of Jesus
  • God’s love and mercy endures forever



What did I do?


  • Believing and confessing the word of God
  • Covering my unborn child in the precious blood of Jesus
  • Never spoke words of fear
  • Meditated on sister Angeline’s testimony found in Br. Johnson’s cd and Suhanna’s testimony on jcilm.info



Sheryl Pereira

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