Mother Mary Part – 19

The mind is the part of the soul and it is the part of us in which our faith is established. With our minds we take possessions of what Jesus has done for us, for this reason satan attacks the mind. Therefore it is important that we tame the mind by bringing it under submission to God’s Word. The spiritual battle we fight today is within the mind, our victory is obtained through our thinking.


  Now Mother Mary didn’t have a desire to have the son before she got married, but when the angel spoke to her she agreed. She said I am the handmaid of the Lord let it be done unto me according to your Word and said Amen. That means she has agreed to what God has planned for her, do we agree to God’s Word?


Our Amen is only when I can get some benefit, Mary said Amen when it was for the benefit for the kingdom. When we sit and pray is our prayer concerned about ourselves or the kingdom of God. Before a message or prophecy can come true, there is a passage to walk through. Even before the Son of God could come through this world, Mother Mary had to go through a lot of trials.


When Mary was pregnant Joseph took her on a donkey on a bumpy ride day and night. What do you think the conversation would be with a normal husband and wife? After reaching there he checks everywhere, no place to stay is found but a stable. How wonderful Mary was, what would be our words to our spouse?


  The prophecy was given and Mary established it through faith, every sign showed it is not true. He should be born in a palace but no matter what happened she didn’t grumble or complain.  Once you have established this faith, you have changed your thinking, you are believing God, irrespective of the hardship, irrespective of the situation. You are stuck to what God has said, that’s what you find in Mother Mary.


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