Multiple Miracles in one family: Healed from fistula, deafness, family restoration, financial freedom…

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

First and foremost let me begin my testimony by Praising and Thanking our Mighty Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ for coming into my life and working mighty miracles thru Bro.Johnson, words cannot express through this email. I also thank the Lord for paving a clear path for me to attend prayerful service of Bro.Johnson and for instilling in me the word of God. I will always continue to pray for you Bro.Johnson and your team to continue the good works of bringing thousands and thousands of souls closer and closer to Jesus who waits for us with his open arms.

Bro.Johnson, I attended your service along with my husband the first time when I was a resident of Dubai in the year 2008. We were going through a very rough time where Satan was slowly and very gradually destroying our home, our marriage, our family, our children and their studies, our health, our finances, our jobs, our spiritual life, our emotional life, our mental and physical life and the whole of us in short. It was at that time I constantly prayed for my husbands good health and I can very confidently proclaim ‘today God’s healing upon him after undergoing 7 fistula operations where the first and the last were performed in Mumbai and all the 5 remaining ones were performed at the Welcare Hospital in Dubai. At this very moment I have tears rolling down my cheeks thinking of the past and how he suffered and just could not bear to see him suffering so much that day and night I use to plead with our God through the Divine Mercies to heal him. My loving husband’s good health was the core of my life. When we attended the service of Bro.Johnson, at first I was shy, Bro.Johnson picked me the first time, but with Gods grace and courage I came up and Bro.Johnson announced that I had been gifted by our God with the Gift of the anointing and Bro.Johnson lead me into a prayer with the full congregation praying for my husband and our Mighty God healed him right there and then. All praises to our loving and Merciful God. There is not even the slightest trace of fistula on his body, till today. By this healing I promised that I would lead a righteous life for HIS Glory.

I always had the habit of praying for others in distress especially when I used to see children suffering in some way or the other my heart would just pour out in anguish to pray and ask our God to save them. But I never even had the slightest of intuition that I myself was ready to receive a mighty healing in my life from our Mighty God during the Word of God preached by Bro.Johnson, it was only when The Powerful Word of God came with authority from Br.Johnson’s mouth that I realized that the anointing was already inside of me, all that I had to do was to BELIEVE THE WORD / PROMISE OF GOD.

While, I was in Dubai from the 18th to the 24th of July 2009 I was intimated of Bro.Johnson’s Word of God service by a close friend of mine. I attended the prayer service on the 20th, 21st, 22nd and the 24th July led by Bro.Johnson Sequeira.
I would like to proclaim a testimony on this visit of Bro.Johnson’s Word of God Service. For the past 17 years, I was using a hearing aid and would be relived of it only after the day has passed when I returned home. I was just dependant on it so much so that it was just like another earing set where I had to put not on my ears but inside the ears. There was a lot of discomfort and I was handicapped without it. While I was with the aid, my talking / normal speech was like shouting to my husband and kids.

On the 24th morning as usual when I said my prayers, I got a very strange message from the Bible Jonah Chap:2 verse 9 which says ,”Salvation comes from the Lord”. That message kept me thinking and I had a very strange feeling within. At the same instance I got a call at 9 am to check whether I could attend the service of Bro.Johnson. Through the mundane packing activity to return to Doha, I managed time to attend Bro.Johnson’s service. I reached the prayer center with our very close friends, who I know have been blessed too during the service of Bro.Johnson. We entered Bro.Johnson’s service while the hymn “God is Good All the Time” was being sung and I too sang and was a bit shy to dance. I listened to the word of God preached by Bro.Johnson with a very, very tearful heart and soul while Bro.Johnson was preaching on Forgiveness and Love. I just forgave all my brethren and surrendered my entire life with love to Jesus. And Bro.Johnson rightly said acc to Proverbs Chap.18 verse 21 “Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof”. As soon as I heared these WORDS/ THE TRUTH from Bro.Johnson, I felt such a peace within me that I cannot express myself in words. After about an hour or so in the midst of Bro.Johnson’s preaching Bro.Johnson announced that there is a deaf person in the congregation, Bro.Johnson requested to please stand up, at first I was very reluctant and then realized that Satan was obstructing me from this blessing and from proclaiming the word of God. I took courage and stood in front of Bro.Johnson and that was the time when Satan and his works were defeated and God blessed me with a very mighty healing from my deafness that very moment and now I could hear very clearly without the hearing aid. I, ThankGod for HIS blessings and the prayer support from Bro Johnson and team that I am healed from the deafness completely. Though I could not give a testimony to Bro.Johnson or to his team outright, as my mind was so occupied with my flight back to Doha. But with Bro.Johnson and his team fully supporting me in prayers, God set me free from this bondage. God has removed the Spirit of deafness and fear in my life thru Bro.Johnson and I praise God for my extra-ordinary healing received thru Bro.Johnson. From the time I left Dubai I am can hear very clearly without the hearing aids. Once again I PRAISE AND THANK GOD for this mighty healing in my life thru Bro.Johnson and I promise to spread his Divine Word /Mercyful Word to all around me. I can very proudly say that JESUS CHRIST is THE TRUTH and JESUS CHRIST/ THE TRUTH / HIS WORD has set me free…

I also give thanks to OUR BLESSED VIRGIN MARY for bringing Bro.Johnson for the families in Dubai, to bring us closer, and closer to her Son/ HIS WORD and showing us how powerful are HIS works. After hearing Bro.Johnson we now are assured and Believe that The Word of God is our only Spiritual weapon against Satan. Mother Mary, just as You told me to “Listen to what my SON tells you” so also I Thank You that you continue to tell every child in the world

“LISTEN TO MY SON, HIS WORD is THE TRUTH that WILL SET YOU FREE from all sickness, disease, poverty, bondage, curse, fear, dis-unity, stife, anger, etc… and WILL GIVE YOU ABUNDANT/ PROSPEROUS HEALTHY, WELTHY, GOD-KIND OF LIFE”.

God Bless Bro.Johnson and us all so that we too learn and live and Preach The Word of God much more than Bro.Johnson.



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