Multiple sickness and prolonged illness vanishes in Jesus’s name

Dear Brother Johnson

I would like to Thank you for all your teachings on the Word of God, I was a believer however now I speak the Word and I feel my God with me. Like He’s right there by my side

I would like to give my testimony of my children , age 8 months and 5 years respectively

My son was always sick – I used to rush to the doctors every 2 weeks as he had trouble breathing , he also had a swollen stomach and blood shot fingers , the doctor stated that his platelet level was low and this could cause bleeding and his spleen was enlarged. I just put that report in my bag and cried out to my God -I came for the prayer meeting on 11th June & I kept saying the name of Jesus and psalm 91 and the prayer for worry and fear. I then repeated the test after 4 days and believe me the doctor was amazed by the fact that his swelling in the spleen had gone and his platelet level was back to normal. I jumped for joy and I thanked my God. He’s doing all right and I praise my Jesus for this.

I know this is the works of my God and I keep praying constantly for my daughter too, aged 5, as she always has a cold and cough – she is still having a persistent cough but I believe my God is listening to me as when I speak His Word , I feel the power working in my home. I have witnessed my God’s power and I thank you for bringing me closer to Him.

After experiencing the Word. I have become a changed person. I no longer get angry. I never lose my patience and people ask me how I do it and I tell them it’s not me but my God in me who is helping me .

A big thank you to you and all & thank you Jesus !


Blanca Simoes’s

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