Our Decisions and Our Destiny Part – 4

Psalm 97:5 — The mountains melt like wax at the presence of the Lord, at the presence of the Lord of the whole earth.

When we make a choice that opposes God’s Word it always leads to problems. The Word of God defines sin as transgression of the law of God. Elimelech made a foolish choice to walk away from God’s land into Moab which he perceived as the land of plenty. This decision brought death unto him and his sons and destruction of his family.

Disobedience to the Word of God is very consequential by nature. In many cases, it may end up costing us far more than we’ve ever thought. The consequences of disobedience are plain all throughout Scripture from the book of Genesis to Revelation.

Disobedience brings a wide variety of consequences such as spiritual, physical, emotional, and mental consequences. Spiritual consequence relates to separation from God. It’s the worst form of consequence that can ever fall upon us since it determines where we will spend eternity. Physical consequences relate to bad things that can happen to us physically, or our lives that can be ended so terribly like Elimelech .

Emotional consequences relate to sadness and hurts disobedience can bring to our lives. Disobedience can ruin the very person God wants us to be. Moreover, disobedience can inflict so much emotional pains on us to the extent that we become slave to bitterness, anger, unforgiveness, and so forth. And mental consequences have to do with the fact that sin burdens our conscience and corrupts and cripples our judgment. Consequently, there’s no genuine peace for us.

We make choices throughout each day that are based on the flesh or based on the spirit. When we are under pressure, our focus must remain on the Word of God. In our daily life we will encounter persecution, temptations and so on, but in the midst of this, if we praise God it keeps our mind focused on Him. God’s presence is with us but are we connected to Him? Then our mountains will melt like wax step by step, like the flame on a candle melts its wax.

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