Our Heart and Springs of Life Part – 1

Lord it is You who helps us through the Word of God to renew our mind and change our thinking. Speak to us and show us through Your Word the path of our life, help us to recognise the things that are hidden in this world. We make a commitment to apply this truth in our day to day life, so that we can have a more intimate relationship with You.

We have learnt that when our mind is aligned with the truth it will bring power, result, blessing and the life of God for us. If read the teachings and listen to Gods Word but still hold our old thinking, our carnal mind-set,  then the Bible says it will profit us nothing. It will only bring destruction and take us on a journey of misery. It is important to change our mind according to Gods Word and remain vigilant.

Problems, issues, solutions, negative attitudes, positive attitudes, all issues of life flow out of our heart. Therefore renewing the mind with God’s Word connects us to success in every area of our life. However the challenge comes when we leave out the part in which we have to study the Word and understand it. Spiritual intelligence is required if you want to experience change Gods Word.

Proverbs 4:20
My child, be attentive to my words; incline your ear to my sayings.

God calls us His child; He understands the problems we face and wants to give us a solution. A nurse will pay close attention to the patient, note down readings, what medication has been taken, how much of it and so on, this is how they attend to a patient. The Lord tells us to be attentive to his Word, do we note down Gods Word, do we practise what we learn. If we read the Bible every day but forget what we have read it will be of no use. We must study the Bible and remember it in our heart. If it is in our heart we will not forget it.

We must first attend to Gods Word, not our problems. If you pay attention to Gods Word there will always be evidence, your life will reflect Christ, the light of God will shine and affect those around you as well. If this does not happen then there has to be something wrong. When the cashew season comes there are many cashews. If we have the Word in our heart in due season that should come out but if we have worry then that will come out.  When we study the Word of God but also give heed to our problems we do not fully pay attention to Gods Word. God wants our complete attention.

First we must be attentive, second we must incline our ears. To incline means to bend, whenever you take Gods Word you must submit to it. We must be in agreement to Gods Word.

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