Our Heart and Springs of Life Part – 3

Proverbs 4:22-23
For they are life to those who find them, and healing to all their flesh.  Keep your heart with all vigilance, for from it flow the springs of life.

When a person speaks faith they have no physical evidence. We do not need faith to say we are sitting on a chair but we need faith to believe we have angels with us, which is backed up by Psalms 91. Now that person lives on evidence from God and will experience the power of God.

Problems, issues, negative attitudes, positive attitudes, all issues of life flows from our heart. Like a cow we chew what is in our heart, it could be bitterness and anger or health and healing. Our mind from childhood is receiving knowledge, a child will act based on knowledge. A decision we make is based on what is going on in our mind. We are living in this world but do not belong to it, we are citizens of heaven. Even though we live here we do not belong, since we do not belong we must not receive the knowledge of this World but the Word of God.

When we get offended with someone we displease God, we may not think so because we have been raised up thinking it is okay not to like someone. We have all seen our face in the mirror; we look at it and base our action on what we see. We have to look into the mirror called the Word of God and take our action by changing our thinking.

Every time we refuse to obey Gods Word, we with our own mind have planted the journey of defeat. The devil does not have to twist your hand, all he does it give you thoughts that contradict Gods Word. As long as we put that in practice we are on the journey to defeat. Keeping our mind in check is a must in our Christian life.

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