Pleasing God Part – 2

Romans 8:28 —- And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.
Being thankful in a difficult situation is the most difficult thing you can do.  Most of us respond with murmuring or complaining when we face hardship of any kind—emotional, spiritual, mental, or physical.

God is interested in making us holy when we face negative situations in our life. We will be holy when we make a choice to submit to God and obey His Word. When we walk in holiness, the favour of God comes upon us and our future is changed.

In every challenge that comes to us our question should be – Are we seeking to be happy or holy? When we conduct ourselves according to the Word of God we are holy. A person may kneel, or prostrate before the altar, but they could be filled with unforgiveness. Holiness is the inner condition of our heart.

If we operate in love and forgiveness in the midst of painful situations, we walk in holiness. This attitude is our evidence of our love for our God and His Word. In every area of our life, are we going to conduct ourselves according to God’s way or our way? If we do it God’s way our character changes. The more our life reflects Jesus the more we will experience God’s abundance in our lives.

We need to understand that the negative situations we encounter in life, only make us stronger. With this in mind, we can study God’s Word and put it to practise until it becomes a way of life with us. We are no longer interested in pleasing ourselves but are eager to please God. When we live our life according to God’s Word, we will realise that the whole of heaven backs us up and God’s favour is on us.

More challenges in our life means greater opportunities to practise Agape love. We must not let go of these opportunities but learn to tame our mind to become better people. Challenges can either make us bitter or better, but at the end of it all there will always be a change.

Those who live according to the Word of God will find God’s favour upon their life. The more we are doers of the Word; God will bless us with things beyond our imagination.

Do not obey God to get things, obey God to get GOD.

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