Power in Patience Part – 6

James 1:3 —– because you know that the testing of your faith produces endurance;

I (Br. Johnson) used to be a very angry person. I would speak less and fight more. I had just started working for the Lord and in the course of my interaction someone from the church irritated me. I was furious. At the first available opportunity I took him aside to the parking lot and menacingly said to him, “Never mess again with me, or else the consequences will be too bad for you and your family. They will not even get to see your body.” The man was shocked. My behaviour was definitely not according to the Word of God so the Lord began to teach me. He taught me that the rules in His Word are very different from the rules of this world. His Word inspired me to change!

The Lord then taught me to show the next cheek, when slapped on the first cheek. I was shocked. I thought I would be taken advantage of.  But the Lord wanted me to see how faithful He was. Some time later, I was preaching by the beach side. We had rigged up our sound system and a group of people were attending the preaching. Suddenly out of the blue some folks approached us and arrogantly disconnected all our equipment and walked away with all our equipment.   Now was the time for me to practise what the Lord had taught me……. “Show the next cheek”. Instead of fighting and arguing with them, I decided to keep my mouth shut and continue to have loving thoughts towards them no matter what came my way. I won this match because I overcame the worldly nature in me to retaliate and fight back.

I am a very stubborn person by nature so now I decided to stubbornly behave according to the Word of God –  now I am stubborn not for the bad but for what is right.

My character changed. I became more patient. My behaviour changed. And this change in my thoughts, words and deeds led me to places and circumstances where God’s blessings flowed abundantly into my life.

Had I only said the scripture but not changed my thoughts, words and deeds in the midst of a trial, I would surely fail the test and miss my reward. Putting into action what is written in the Word of God is the only way to receive the manifestation of the Word in your life.


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