Practicing Love Part – 3

Matthew 5:11 —–  “Blessed are you when they revile and persecute you, and say all kinds of evil against you falsely for My sake.

Revile means to insult and hate. When people hate you falsely remember you are blessed. When you make progress in life by walking in love, people will definitely stand against you and falsely implicate you. Despite this, if you continue walking in love, now you are a big threat to the devil. The ability and the power of love is so strong, it can destroy the devil’s kingdom.

When we are falsely accused and when someone falsely ruins our name it is very hard to continue walking in love, because our emotions convince us to retaliate. However, the Word of God encourages us to continue to walk in love.

When I first started preaching, I used to preach in houses and streets.  Then for the first time, I was invited to preach in a hall. The music ministry was also present. The entire session was in the evening for about two and a half hours. My brothers in Christ and I went one hour early.  The hall was full of musicians. I was extremely nervous and became rather emotional. I kept talking to the Lord.

Just then  four girls passed by and the Lord asked me to be brave and walk up to those girls and ask which of them was named Martina. I went up to them and it turned out that one of them was actually named Martina. I was astonished that God spoke her name to me. I felt encouraged.  I entered the hall and sat at the front with everyone else on the floor. The organiser told me that after the praise and worship were my turn to preach. At the appointed time, I stood up, took the mike and preached for more than four hours.

During this time the youth were confessing their sins openly, screaming, the nuns were slain, the musicians were down and I was standing there praising God. But surprisingly from that day on I was never invited back to that hall. I sat at home crying and thinking what wrong had I done. It bothered me a lot. Later at midnight someone called me and said, “My son, God told me to find your number and call you to tell you, ‘they have not rejected you but have rejected the Lord working in you. Do not cry and do not be depressed, this is the beginning.’” I call her my midnight angel.

Years later when I was preaching at another place I knew without a doubt that my midnight angel was in that hall so I called her out. She came forward and I could see she had polio. I ran up to her and hugged her because if she had not spoken those encouraging words to me that night I would not be preaching again.
The opposition was sure to come but I had to remember that those who opposed my preaching were actually rejecting God.

I have had strangers come into my life at the right time to pick me up and encourage me. Isn’t it amazing that I met my midnight angel at the very same Church that did not call me back to preach?

God works in wonderful ways! All we need to do is to love Him and continue walking in love.


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