Quality Decisions Part – 3

James 1:5 —– “If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you”.

The new life we long for doesn’t come by magic. What opens the door to a new quality of life is that we start making new decisions. Now, as a person who has surrendered to Christ, we make decisions with a very different attitude. We no longer “lean on our own understanding” (Pro 3:5-6). We no longer choose based on what’s “best” for us.

Even the deepest hopes and dreams in our hearts have changed. And the more we read the Bible the more our thinking about why we are even alive changes. Some things we used to think were right, we now realize are wrong, and some things we used to think were wrong, we now realize are right. And as this renewal of our mind takes place (Romans 12:2), the decisions we make change… and that’s how our lives become new.

The old saying is still true, “If you always do what you always did, you’ll always get what you always got.” If we continue making the same kind of decisions we made before we became Christians, our lives won’t improve. Our decisions will continue to bring trouble on us and those around us. The promises Jesus made about a new, abundant life (John 10:10) are based on the assumption that when He becomes our Lord, we will begin following Him, obeying His commands, and therefore making entirely different kinds of decisions according to His Word.

In the Old Testament, we read about Joseph who made quality decisions all his life. However for every good decision he received evil. However, in the end, he reached his destination and became the governor of Egypt. We must stick to God’s Word and become a doer of the Word to enjoy the “abundant life” Jesus promises us.

People often talk about putting the past behind them and moving on, but unless we change our decision-making process, our future will be just like our past. Quality decisions require that we go according to God’s Word even if it means going against everyone else’s opinion and risking our reputation. For instance, if there is an issue within the family and someone is accused of a wrong doing. You know the accusation is false and the Word of God exhorts us to stand up for that person. Are you willing?   If we make quality decisions on the Word of God we may get rejected but God will lift us up from glory to glory. We will see God taking us on a journey that we have never even imagined.

Decisions are like seeds. Every time we make a decision it’s as though we plant a seed in the ground. We might even forget that we planted that seed, but as time passes it still grows and produces its own kind of fruit. If we planted good seeds we’ll receive good fruit, but if we planted bad seeds we’ll reap the bad fruit.

For real change to take place we need to let God’s Word challenge our thinking in that moment in which we’re actually making decisions. The Bible will:
1) Build our faith, so we stop making fearful decisions.

2) Strengthen our love, so we stop making selfish decisions.

3) Teach us how life really works, so we stop making foolish decisions.

4) Show us the reality of heaven and hell, so we stop making hopeless decisions.

5) Open our eyes to both the presence of a spiritual enemy and the authority we have been given in Christ, so we stop making weak decisions.

6) Show us our unity with other believers, so we stop making decisions alone.

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