Repentance Part – 5

Psalms 23:5 ——- You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies. You anoint my head with oil; my cup overflows.

The word “table” here is synonymous with “feast;” and the meaning is, “You provide for my wants.” During a particular period of the life of the psalmist, when he was in want, and when he perhaps felt an apprehension that he would perish, God unexpectedly provided for his wants; in the same way God provides for our needs too.

Before me For me. It is spread in my presence, and for me.

In the presence of my enemies That is, in spite of them, or so that they could not prevent it. They were compelled to look on and see how God provided for him. It was manifest that this was from God; it was a proof of the divine favor; it furnished an assurance that He who had done this would never leave us to want. The friends of God are made to triumph in the very presence of their foes. Their enemies are compelled to see how He interposes in their behalf, how He provides for them, and how He defends them.

Thou anoints my head with oil  The expression indicates abundance. The allusion is to the custom of anointing the head on festival occasions, as an indication of prosperity and rejoicing, and the whole is indicative of the divine favor, of prosperity, and of joy.

My cup runneth over It is not merely “full;” it runs over. This, too, indicates abundance; and from the abundance of the favors thus bestowed, it infers that God would always provide for us, and that He would never leave us to want
When we know that God anoints us with His oil we experience abundant joy. We do not feel that we are free from captivity but our challenge is to believe the unseen. What is the difference between Jesus on the Cross and Jesus in the Holy Eucharist? On the cross we can physically see Jesus but in reality He is not there. During the Holy Eucharist, we cannot see Jesus but through the scriptures we know He is present. If we believe and rely on the world that beckons us, we will surely fall into sin, however when we believe the spiritual world, sickness and corruption cannot remain in our body.

When we believe the Word of God and speak that Word, we know that Jesus is in us. We will have a great desire to serve everybody. Mother Teresa believed that Jesus resided in her and this gave her the strength and courage to go out to serve everyone. The Eucharist strengthens us to be a blessing to others because our life is supposed to benefit others.

Psalms 23:6—- Surely your goodness and love will follow me  all the days of my life, and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.
Only when we believe in verse 5, will we experience the “goodness and love”’ following us all the days of our life. How do you make your morning cup of coffee sweet? By adding sugar of course. You do not need to pray to make the coffee sweet. In the same way, if we believe in verse 5, we do not need to pray for goodness, it will surely follow us all the days of our life.

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