Resisting the Devil Testimony

There was a lady in Goa who was on heavy medication and her sister was sitting down and flipping through TV channels. We have a channel called NCH (New Creation Home) which broadcasts preaching 24/7, while she was going through the channels she caught a glimpse of our channel.

When her sister was not using the TV she took the remote and went back to the NCH channel and she began to listen to it. Later the sisters had a fight in the house so this lady had to vacate and live in her own house. Due to the fight she got fear and already being depressed she was extremely scared to move from one room to another. She then started listening to the teaching through the channel from September through January she sat from morning to evening writing notes on what was preached.

In January she attended her first retreat and said she was a catechist, she has taught the scriptures and yet she didn’t practise. That same person having understood the working knowledge of the scriptures has become such a blessing to so many people who she is leading to Christ.

This lady knew the scriptures but she had no working knowledge that is why she suffered for 18 years in depression.

When we use the scriptures they challenge us to resist every negative thought that comes to our mind. Do we attack negative thoughts or do we allow them to attack us? Once we allow the first thought, another will come, then another, then another and before you know it you are caught up with those emotions and thoughts which lead you to destruction.

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