Sahana’s freedom from lack to an abundant life through continually confessing the living and abiding Word of God

I am Sahana from Bangalore. I would like to share great and mighty things my Lord performed in my life in the past one year.

I was working as a Climate Change (carbon credit) auditor in a Certifying body, which conducts audits on various certification standards. Everything was going on well until global negotiations/ international talks in the carbon credit business worldwide started to plunge. This had an effect on the auditing business as well and hence, threatened any auditor’s job. By this time, I had enough debts and my husband’s alone salary would not take care of everything. I was restless due to uncertainty of my job.

In between this, Lord helped me to gain other auditing qualification related to forest certification/ sustainable certification programs parallels. I had work experience in forestry prior to joining this company. To undergo training in this auditor qualification and gaining auditing experience, it required for me to go to Germany, to my head office. By the grace of God, my management agreed to send me to Germany and get qualified. The training cost alone was 880 Euros + travel + boarding and lodging charges for nearly 15 days. Not just this, as part of training, I had to conduct 4 audits in Germany to pass my qualification exam. By God’s grace, 4 German clients agreed for other national citizen to audit them and I could pass the exam. Before I left for this training, I had to sign a bond for not leaving the company for three years and I would bring business in this product, failing which, I had to repay the entire above amount spent on me. So, that was a very costly bond.

After my return from Germany and having made all possible efforts to bring business in this product, there was nothing working and not much I could do in this area. On the other hand, climate change audits also had started to plunge. With all these and having made huge financial commitments, fear started to chase me all around. Even being a Christian, I started to visit a Gemmologist, who prescribed various colour gems in silver rings, which I wore in most of my fingers. I visited few places like pyramids & temples blindly. Nothing was actually working.

By then, I heard about Bro. Johnson Sequeira and his preaching on Word of God through my relatives and attended the retreats. In the very first retreat I attended in November, 2012, (I had come looking forward for a miracle to happen in the retreat and by that I would believe) during preaching, Bro. Johnson called me on the stage along with my uncle and using scriptures, made me to open the deaf ears of my uncle. Instantly, my uncle was healed and was able to hear. All praise to Jesus. Lord got the miracle happened through my hands. Everyone started saying that I am anointed. This was the new thing/feeling for me and I had not really realized that Word of God had all power in it to turn around any impossible situation into possible. All glory to Jesus.

God bless Bro. Johnson and his team who spread Lord’s Words through the CDs and booklets, which really changed everything in my life. I started confessing everyday all the prayers in small white book, which is full of scriptures. Downloaded the contents of the CD onto my mobile and started listening to it every day through the hands free (while riding the vehicle, during lunch break at office, sleeping, etc.). Also, I had downloaded most of the worship songs of Don Moen (US based Gospel singer) in my laptop and was listening to them. I could feel the anointing flow into me as I did this. I was determined to chase back the fear occupied in me from long time and gain much of faith. I realized that only through my determination and faith on the Word of God this would happen and not by anyone laying hands and praying on me would solve.

Things started really changing all around me, in my family, my personal and professional life as per Isaiah 43: 18-21. Lord works in ways we cannot see. Lord detached me from unpleasant colleagues and friends, and introduced me to the ones who are in Word of God, who would build me stronger day by day. The testimonies of Angeline, Manisha, Bro. Joe, Bro. Alred and from the YouTube downloadable testimonies of JCILM inspired me during my down feeling. I would tell my daughter one testimony each day during her bed time, instead of Barbie stories, Snow white, etc. I learned how to pray in tongues and practiced it to fight my battle on this world. I started writing scriptures relevant for my condition like, Isaiah 40: 28-31, James 1: 5-6, Matthew 7: 7-11, Isaiah 49: 15-16, Luke 18: 7-8, etc., in a note book and made a prayer out of these scriptures. On the same day I framed this prayer, Lord gave me a dream to show me that I am a prosperous person and there is nothing lacking in my life (same as Joseph in Genesis in the Bible). I determined to follow the Joseph’s way and kept my dream alive. I believe in Proverb 18:21 and confessed the prayer exactly according to Mark 11:24. Spoke life all the time and not death. Even started writing testimonies then and there I experienced every day in a book and would read through them to beat wrong thoughts.

All my prayers started manifesting in my life. I started forgiving people who hurt me and this has become much easy for me now than before. I had applied in an Accreditation body at Germany (which audits the auditing firms worldwide and is the superior authority) during May, 2012, and started receiving interview calls from them later to November, 2012. But, they would take a real break of 2-3 months between each interview round and I had to wait with patience for their next date of interview/communication. This was the time satan tried to put negative thoughts that are not according to the Word of God and tried to pull down my faith. But, I stayed still on the Words and rested upon them by confessing Word of God daily and doing all that I have said above. Me and husband would also confess daily according to Matthew 18:19 and thank Lord Jesus together for already blessing me the job in this Accreditation body. We were confessing on Deuteronomy 28:12-13 and thank Lord for we would not borrow, but will lend to many nations and thank Him for making us head and not the tail. As per the same, we were able to move to our new flat, which Lord has blessed, without making much of debts. For everything there would be money from somewhere or the other. Thank you Lord.

By this time, my company had started removing auditors from job each month (due to slash in Carbon business). By the end of each month, my colleagues would call me to discuss if my name and their names would be there in the next list of removal. Praise the Lord. I was determined on the scriptures I confessed and would share with them the same scriptures and asked them to follow the scriptures in order to be saved forever. Thank you Jesus. There were 19 auditors in my department at Bangalore branch and by removing, remained only two (me and other colleague).

As everything was set by Lord before and he had made a way for me, there came 2nd August, 13, when my company asked me to resign and would be out of job after August, 13. The moment I heard this and my Vice President handed over the decision copy on my hand, I was filled with immense joy and peace, which I cannot express. The Vice President was giving me this news filled with sadness and I was sitting there smiling in front of him. I very well knew at that moment that my promotion was very close by according to Isaiah 43: 18-21. Also, the senior management had taken decision to wave off my bond conditions (which I had signed while leaving for training to Germany) and told me that I do not have to pay them anything according to this bond, rather this training was a gift to me from my company. All praise to Jesus. In the same week, there appeared on the net about two Lead Auditor training courses happening in Malaysia and Hong Kong, which would greatly help me in my job in the Accreditation body. But imagine, I had resigned and these courses again would cost nearly 3.5 lakhs again and I had no money for this. God has plans always for our welfare and never for our destruction. My Holy Spirit spoke to me saying to inform the Accreditation body on these courses, which I was willing to do if only I would be using them working with this Accreditation body, as these courses had no scope in India yet. I messaged them the same and asked for their stand. I was not at all filled with fear during this and kept on thanking Lord for blessing me already with this job. I also called up my husband to say that I was giving my testimony on this during the JCILM retreat next Sunday (25th August, 13) and he would accompany me. As I knew, the Accreditation body came back to me saying they are ready to offer me this job and have decided to also partly fund me for these courses. All glory to the Lord and Thank you Jesus.

On the last day of the month, I was relieved from my service in the current organization. They relieved me by giving a good farewell, gifting me a wrist watch and by placing an open invitation to come back and join the company any-time in future once the Carbon market is resumed again. I place my special thanks here to Jesus, as this has never happened with my previous colleagues who were asked to resign and none of them were given invitation to join back. Lord saw to it that I was sent with complete honour.

Now, I am making preparations for leaving to Germany (keeping my God given dream alive) for my next job and I am sure, through me, Lord will work in ways to call Bro. Johnson and his team to Europe to preach the Gospel. Thank you Lord. Amen.

With lot of thanks,

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